Andaman Masked-Owl / Tyto deroepstorffi

Andaman Masked-Owl / Tyto deroepstorffi

Andaman Masked-Owl

SCI Name:  Tyto deroepstorffi
Protonym:  Strix De-Roepstorffi Str.Feath. 3 p.390
Taxonomy:  Strigiformes / Tytonidae /
Taxonomy Code:  barowl5
Type Locality:  Aberdeen, South Andaman Islands.
Publish Year:  1875
IUCN Status:  


(Tytonidae; Ϯ Common Barn Owl T. alba) Gr. τυτω tutō, τυτους tutous  owl, night-owl; the Common Barn Owl is the most widespread owl in the world, although recent work suggests that some of its subspecies, for example in the Americas and in Australasia, should be elevated to specific status; "1. Strix,  2. Tyto B. (Strix Savigny)." (Billberg 1828); "Tyto Billberg, Syn. Faun. Scand., 1, pt. 2, 1828, tab. A.  Type, by monotypy, Strix flammea auct. = Strix alba Scopoli." (Peters 1940, IV, 77).
Synon. Aluco, Dactylostrix, Eustrinx, Flammea, Glaucostrix, Glaux, Glyphidiura, Heliodilus, Hybris, Megastrix, Nyctimene, Scelostrix, Stridula, Strigymnhemipus, Strix.
● (syn. Strix Ϯ Brown Wood Owl S. leptogrammica) "Genus Tyto Heine [Myrtha (!) Bp. 1854]" (Heine 1890).  A purist replacement name.

Frederik Adolph de Roepstorff (1842-1896) Danish linguist in the employ of the Indian civil service, in the Andamans 1875-1883 (subsp. Tyto alba).