Golden-billed Saltator / Saltator aurantiirostris

Golden-billed Saltator / Saltator aurantiirostris

Golden-billed Saltator

SCI Name:  Saltator aurantiirostris
Protonym:  Saltator aurantiirostris Nouv.Dict.Hist.Nat. 14 p.103
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Thraupidae /
Taxonomy Code:  gobsal1
Type Locality:  Paraguay; probably Corrientes, Argentina, fide Hellmayr, 1938, Field. Mus. Nat. Hist. Publ., Zool. Ser., 13, pt. 11, p. 30.
Publish Year:  1817
IUCN Status:  


(Thraupidae; Ϯ Buff-throated Saltator S. maximus) L. saltator, saltatoris  dancer  < saltare  to dance (cf. Tupí name Tangara  dancer, one who turns and skips, for the manakins and various colourful finch-like birds (see Tangara)); "66. HABIA, de Azara. Saltator. Tanagra, Lin. Gm. Lath.  Bec épais à la base, court, robuste, convexe en dessus, un peu comprimé par les côtés, échancré vers le bout; mandibule supérieure un peu fléchie en arc et couvrant les bords de l'inférieure.   Esp. Grand Tangara, Buff." (Vieillot 1816) ; "Saltator Vieillot, 1816, Analyse, p. 32. Type, by monotypy, "Grand Tanagra" Buffon = Tanagra maxima Müller." (Paynter in Peters 1970, XIII, 228). The saltators and their allies have also been placed with the finches Fringillidae, and the cardinals Cardinalidae, or treated as a separate family Saltatoridae.
Var. Salator, SallatorSattator, Staltator.
Synon. Cissurus, Pitylus, PyrorhamphusSaltatricula, Stelgidostomus.

L. saltator, saltatoris  dancer  < saltare  to dance  < salire  to jump.
● ex "Le Pavaneur" of Levaillant 1801-1804 (French pavaneur  strutter); "Gattung Calamoherpe.  ...  1. saltator Vaill. Afr. pl. 122. fig. 1. 2." (Boie 1828) (syn. Acrocephalus schoenobaenus).
● ex “Pingoin Sauteur” of de Bougainville 1771 (French sauteur  jumper) (syn. Eudyptes chrysocome) (see Chrysocoma).
● "56. SAXICOLA SALTATOR  ...  il va ordinairement par paires, et sautille continuellement; il se place volontiers sur les pointes de rochers, et là, il s'élève perpendiculairement en agitant fortement ses ailes, et faisant entendre un zri, zri, zri, très sonore; posé, il a un petit gazouillement très agréable" (Ménétries 1832) (French sautiller  to hop) (syn. Oenanthe hispanica melanoleuca).
● "Not unfrequently we are startled by a shrill scream in some lonely place, and out rushes the Hopping Dick, jumping with rapidity across the road, almost close to our horse's feet.  ...  At the break of day, if we pass along a wooded mountain road  ...  we see the Hopping Dicks bounding singly along the ground in every part  ...  many of these Merles were gliding from one thicket to another, and dashing across the road with that bounding run from which they derive their soubriquet of Hopping Dick  ...  Ouzel, which I would call Merula Saltator, as this name preserves his distinctive soubriquet of Hopping Dick, and refers to his characteristic length of legs, both at the tarsus and the thighs." (Gosse & Hill 1847) (syn. Turdus aurantius).

Late Med. L. aurantius  orange-coloured  < aurantia  orange; L.
-rostris  -billed  < rostrum  beak.
● ex “Habia de la pico naranjado” of de Azara 1802-1805, no. 83 (Saltator).


Golden-billed Saltator (iteratus)
SCI Name: Saltator aurantiirostris iteratus
iterata / iteratus
L. iteratus  repeated  < iterare  to repeat  < iterum  again.
● "Most closely resembling Saltator aurantiirostris bolivianus Chapman [= syn. Saltator aurantiirostris hellmayri] of the Temperate Zone in Bolivia, the black areas on the breast and sides of the throat as in that race" (Chapman 1927) (subsp. Saltator aurantiirostris).
● "Most nearly resembling Hemispingus frontalis ignobilis (Sclater) of the Subtropical Zone of western Venezuela but entire underparts with a stronger ochraceous tone, this difference particularly pronounced on the abdominal region. Similar to Hemispingus frontalis hanieli Hellmayr and Seilern of the Subtropical Zone of north-central Venezuela but more yellow throughout, the upperparts greener" (Chapman 1929) (subsp. Sphenopsis frontalis).

Golden-billed Saltator (albociliaris)
SCI Name: Saltator aurantiirostris albociliaris
albociliaris / albociliatus
L. albus  white; cilia  eyelids  < cilium  eyelid.

Golden-billed Saltator (hellmayri)
SCI Name: Saltator aurantiirostris hellmayri
Carl Eduard Hellmayr (1878-1944) Austrian/US ornithologist (subsp. Accipiter fasciatus, subsp. Anthoscopus caroli, Anthus, subsp. Attila rufus, subsp. Campylorhamphus trochilirostris, subsp. Catharus fuscater, subsp. Celeus elegans, syn. Chloroceryle americana cabanisii, Cinnyris, syn. Conopophaga lineata, Cranioleuca, syn. Crypturellus strigulosus, subsp. Cyanerpes caeruleus, subsp. Dendrocincla tyrannina, Drymophila, subsp. Empidonax occidentalis, subsp. Geositta cunicularia, syn. Geositta rufipennis fasciata, subsp. Hemithraupis flavicollis, subsp. Isleria hauxwelli, subsp. Lepidocolaptes angustirostris, subsp. Leptopogon superciliaris, subsp. Leptotila rufaxilla, Mecocerculus, subsp. Myioborus miniatus, subsp. Myiozetetes cayanensis, syn. Nonnula rubecula, subsp. Oenanthe familiaris, syn. Petronia petronia, subsp. Piaya cayana, syn. Pitangus sulphuratus, subsp. Poecile palustris, subsp. Pyriglena leuconota, subsp. Rhynchocyclus brevirostris, subsp. Saltator aurantiirostris, syn. Selenidera gouldii, subsp. Sporophila caerulescens, Synallaxis, subsp. Tanygnathus megalorhynchos, subsp. Terenotriccus erythrurus, syn. Thamnophilus schistaceus dubius, subsp. Tyto alba, subsp. Xenops tenuirostris).

Golden-billed Saltator (aurantiirostris)
SCI Name: Saltator aurantiirostris aurantiirostris
Late Med. L. aurantius  orange-coloured  < aurantia  orange; L.
-rostris  -billed  < rostrum  beak.
● ex “Habia de la pico naranjado” of de Azara 1802-1805, no. 83 (Saltator).

Golden-billed Saltator (parkesi)
SCI Name: Saltator aurantiirostris parkesi
Dr Kenneth Carroll Parkes (1922-2007) US ornithologist, taxonomist, collector in Mexico, Argentina and Philippines, Curator of Carnegie Mus., Pittsburgh 1962 (subsp. Buarremon brunneinuchus, syn. Chrysococcyx flavigularis, subsp. Ixos philippinus, subsp. Mulleripicus funebris, subsp. Saltator aurantiirostris, subsp. Setophaga petechia, subsp. Sporophila maximiliani, subsp. Vireo huttoni, subsp. Zosterops montanus).

Golden-billed Saltator (nasica)
SCI Name: Saltator aurantiirostris nasica
(Furnariidae; Ϯ Long-billed Woodcreeper N. longirostris) L. nasica  long-nosed  < nasus  nose; "LXXII.e  Genre. NASICAN, Nasica.   Dendrocolaptes, Herm.?   Bec très-long, presque droit, très-étroit, assez épais, à bords droits et lisses, à mandibule supérieure recourbée, dentée. Fosses nasales ovalaires, couvertes d'une membrane; narines percées en fente; ailes alongées, à troisième rémige la plus longue; queue moyenne, cunéiforme, à rectrices terminées par des tiges pointues, roides; tarses épais, courts, scutellés.    NASICAN GRIMPAR; Nasica nasalis: Picucule nasican, Levaill., Prom., pl. 24; Cuv., Reg. anim., t. I, p. 431.   ...   Habite le Brésil." (Lesson 1830); "Nasica Lesson, Traité d'Orn., livr. 4, 1830, p. 311. Type, by monotypy, Nasica nasalis Lesson = Dendrocopus longirostris Vieillot." (Peters 1951, VII, 24).