Australasian Darter / Anhinga novaehollandiae

Australasian Darter / Anhinga novaehollandiae

Australasian Darter

SCI Name:  Anhinga novaehollandiae
Protonym:  Plotus Novae Hollandiae Proc.Zool.Soc.London Pt15 no.170 p.34
Taxonomy:  Suliformes / Anhingidae /
Taxonomy Code:  darter4
Type Locality:  rivers of the whole of the southern coast of Australia = New South Wales, fide Mathews, 1913, List Birds Australia, p. 97.
Publish Year:  1847
IUCN Status:  


(Anhingidae; Ϯ Anhinga A. anhinga) Tupí name Anhinga  little head, for an evil spirit of the forests, the devil bird; "Le genre de l'Anhinga.  ... Tous les Oiseaux de ce genre ont sur les bords du bec une dentelure fine & peu apparente. L'ongle du doigt du milieu des trois antérieurs est dentelé intérieurement comme une scie" (Brisson 1760): based on “Anhinga” of Marcgrave 1648, Jonston 1650, Willughby 1676, and Ray 1713, "Mergus longirostris" of Barrère 1741, "Mergus Americanus" of Barrère 1745, "Plancus Brasiliensis" of Klein 1750, and "Ptinx" of Moehring 1752; "Anhinga Brisson, Orn., 1, 1760, p. 60; 6, 1760, p. 476. Type, by tautonymy and monotypy, Anhinga [anhinga] Brisson = Plotus anhinga Linné." (Peters, 1931, I, p. 94).
Synon. LiptornisNotoplotus, Plotus, Ptynx.

Tupí name Anhinga  little head, for an evil spirit of the forests, the devil bird; "Habitat in America australi; more Serpentum, contracto prius longiore collo, ejaculatur rostrum in Pisces. Collum longum. Pedes breves digitis omnibus connexis. Caput tomentosum plumis minutissimis" (Linnaeus 1766); ex “Anhinga” of Marcgrave 1648, Willughby 1676, Ray 1713, and Brisson 1760 (Anhinga) (see Anhinga).

novaehollandae / novaehollandia / novaehollandiae
L. novus  new; Mod. L. Hollandia  Holland, Netherlands; i.e. New Holland (Mod. L. Nova Hollandia or Hollandia Nova), the name given to Western Australia by early Dutch explorers, and by which Australia was known to Europeans during the 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries. In ornithology the name is usually synonymous with eastern Australia, especially the modern state of New South Wales.
● ex “New-Holland White Eagle”of Latham 1781 (Accipiter).
● ex “Crested Goatsucker” of Phillip 1789 (syn. Aegotheles cristatus).
● Erroneous TL. New Holland (= Van Diemens Land = Tasmania) (syn. Anthochaera paradoxa).
● ex “White-fronted Heron” of Phillip 1789 (Ardea).
● ex “New Holland Thrush” of atham 1783 (Coracina).
● ex “New-Holland Cassowary” of Phillip 1789, and White 1790 (Dromaius).
● ex “New Holland Penguin” of Latham 1824 (Eudyptula).
● ex "Crimson-billed Gull" of Latham, 1824 (Larus).
● ex “Crested Parrakeet” of Latham 1781 (syn. Nymphicus hollandicus).
● ex “New Holland Tern” of Latham 1824 (syn. Onychoprion anaethetus).
● ex “New Holland Shag” of Latham 1824 (subsp. Phalacrocorax carbo).
● ex “New Holland Creeper” of White 1790 (Phylidonyris).
 Erroneous TL. New Holland (= New Zealand) (syn. Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae).
● ex “Psittaceous Hornbill” of Phillip 1789 (Scythrops).
● ex “New-Holland Grebe” of Latham 1824 (Tachybaptus).
● ex “Blue-bellied Parrot” of Brown 1776 (syn. Trichoglossus moluccanus).
● ex “Mouse Owl” of Latham 1821 (Tyto).
● ex "Wattled Sandpiper" of Latham 1801 (subsp. Vanellus miles).