Black-billed Turaco / Tauraco schuettii

Black-billed Turaco / Tauraco schuettii

Black-billed Turaco

SCI Name:  Tauraco schuettii
Protonym:  Corythaix Schüttii Orn.Centralbl. 4 p.180
Taxonomy:  Musophagiformes / Musophagidae /
Taxonomy Code:  blbtur1
Type Locality:  Interior of southwestern Africa.
Publish Year:  1879
IUCN Status:  


(Musophagidae; Ϯ Guinea Turaco T. persa) According to SOED (1950), II, 2219,  Touraco is a native name in West Africa for the Guinea Turaco. Ray 1713, used “Tooracca” and “Tooraca” (e.g. “Tooracca Pigaly. Red Tooracca with a black head”), but these were for various Indian bulbuls, based on Telugu name Turaka-pigli-pitta for the Red-whiskered Bulbul. De Buffon 1783, coined “Tourocco”, combining French Tourterelle turtle dove, and Hocco curassow; Rüppell 1835 reported that Guguka was an Amharic name for a plantain-eater; and Gotch 1981, has "an imitation of the bird's cry."; "TOURACO.  THIS Bird is about the Bigness of a Magpye or Jay  ...  What genus of Birds to range this with, I cannot positively say; it climes not as Parrots do, nor doth it agree with them in any respect, except in the Position of the Toes; nor is its Bill any thing like a Woodpecker's, so that I think it nearest the Cuckow-kind.  Albin has figur'd this Bird, and calls it the Crown Bird from Mexico; tho' these Birds are indeed Africans, brought from Guinea, by the Way of the West Indies, to us" (Edwards 1743); "TAVRACO; regia avis, Edvv. I. p. 7. The Crown Bird from Mexico.  Albin II. 18. Rex Guineensis; Krohn-Vogel; nova dicitur avis.  Inter aviculas habemus regulos; quidem etiam haberemus regem? Edvvardo hæc avis apparet similis Picæ glandariæ; quod non dixerim; elegantissima est, rostro brevissimo, in capite condecorata plumis, qualibus se distinguunt Reguli africani. Albinus avem nec bene pinxit, nec recte descripsit, neque solum natale recte indigitavit; non enim mexicana est, sed guineensis, ex Africa septentrionali, versus regnum Congo, Capiti bonæ spei conterminum" (Klein 1750); "58. Rodzay V. Korończyk, (Tauraco,) szczegulnie tylko ten ieden iest gatunek. Ptak tu należący nadpospolicie pięknie się wydaie. Ma dziob krotki, i nosi na swey głowie takowe piora, iakich Afrykańscy Krolikowie zażywaią. Oyczyzną iego iest Gwinea, połnocna Afryka, i Krolestwo Kongo." (Kluk 1779); "Tauraco Kluk, Hist. [Historyi Naturalney], 2, 1779, p. 25. Type, by subsequent designation, Cuculus persa Linné. (Domaniewski, Acta Orn. Mus. Zool. Polon., 1, 1933, p. 26.)" (Peters 1940, IV, 3). 
Var. Touraco, Turaco.
Synon. Corythaix, Heuglinornis, Menelikornis, Neumannornis, Opoethus, Persa, Proturacopsis, Proturacus, Pseudogallirex, Pseudopoetus, Spelectoides, Spelectos, Turacus.

schuetti / schuettii
Otto Heinrich Schütt (1843-1888) German railway engineer in Angola 1877-1879 (subsp. Pternistis squamatus, Tauraco, syn. Turdus libonyanus verreauxi).


Black-billed Turaco (Green-rumped)
SCI Name: Tauraco schuettii emini
Mehmet Emin Bey, later Emin Pasha, the adopted name of Dr Eduard Carl Oscar Theodor Schnitzer (1840-1892) German administrator in the Ottoman service, Pasha of Equatorial Province, Egyptian Sudan 1878-1889, physician, naturalist, collector, murdered by Arab slave-traders (subsp. Agapornis swindernianus, subsp. Argya rubiginosa, syn. Aviceda cuculoides verreauxi, subsp. Cecropis daurica, subsp. Cisticola aberrans, syn. Cisticola chiniana humilis, syn. Cisticola woosnami, syn. Coturnix adansonii, subsp. Criniger calurus, syn. Glareola nuchalis, subsp. Lamprotornis chalcurus, subsp. Ploceus baglafecht, syn. Prodotiscus insignis, syn. Pseudonigrita arnaudi dorsalis, syn. Pterocles exustus, syn. Pternistis icterorhynchus, syn. Ptilopachus petrosus, subsp. Pytilia phoenicoptera, subsp. Rhinopomastus aterrimus, subsp. Rhinoptilus cinctus, subsp. Salpornis salvadori, subsp. Sporopipes frontalis, subsp. Tauraco schuettii, subsp. Tchagra australis, subsp. Terpsiphone rufiventer, Trachyphonus, subsp. Turdoides jardineii).
● See: eminibey

Black-billed Turaco (Black-rumped)
SCI Name: Tauraco schuettii schuettii
schuetti / schuettii
Otto Heinrich Schütt (1843-1888) German railway engineer in Angola 1877-1879 (subsp. Pternistis squamatus, Tauraco, syn. Turdus libonyanus verreauxi).