Black-legged Seriema / Chunga burmeisteri

Black-legged Seriema / Chunga burmeisteri

Black-legged Seriema

SCI Name:  Chunga burmeisteri
Protonym:  Dicholophus burmeisteri Proc.Zool.Soc.London Pt(28)2 p.335
Taxonomy:  Cariamiformes / Cariamidae /
Taxonomy Code:  bllser1
Type Locality:  Provinces of Tucumdn and Catamarca, Argentina.
Publish Year:  1860
IUCN Status:  


(Cariamidae; Ϯ Black-legged Seriema C. burmeisteri) “The Chunga, as this bird is called by the Spanish inhabitants of the Republic, seems to differ subgenerically from Dicholophus  ...  A very important difference, perhaps the most important, consists in the totally different habits of the more northern representative. Professor Burmeister proposes for it a subgeneric division, under the name of Chunga.” (Hartlaub 1860); "Chunga "Burmeister" Hartlaub, Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1860, p. 335. Type, by monotypy, Dicholophus burmeisteri Hartlaub." (Peters, 1934, II, p. 216) (see Chunnia).

Prof. Dr Karl Hermann Konrad Burmeister (1807-1892) German zoologist, entomologist based in Argentina 1861-1892, explorer and collector in Brazil 1850-1852 and Argentina 1857-1860 (Chunga, syn. Geositta rufipennis, Microstilbon, Phyllomyias, subsp. Suiriri suiriri).