Blackish Nightjar / Nyctipolus nigrescens

Blackish Nightjar / Nyctipolus nigrescens

Blackish Nightjar

SCI Name:  Nyctipolus nigrescens
Protonym:  Caprimulgus nigrescens ReisenBrit.-Guiana[Schomburgk] 3 p.710
Taxonomy:  Caprimulgiformes / Caprimulgidae /
Taxonomy Code:  blanig1
Type Locality:  Lower Essequibo River, British Guiana.
Publish Year:  1849
IUCN Status:  


(Caprimulgidae; Ϯ Blackish Nightjar N. nigrescens) Gr. νυκτιπολος nuktipolos  roaming by night  < νυξ nux, νυκτος nuktos  night; πολεω poleō  to haunt; "Nyctipolus gen. nov.   Type, Caprimulgus nigrescens Cabanis.   Differing from Antrostomus Gould in having the whole tarsus (except plantar surface) feathered; nostrils narrow, longitudinal, opening laterally beneath a tumid operculum; and primaries either uniform black or with a white spot on inner web of seventh and eighth, or seventh, eighth, and ninth.   (Nυκτιπολος, roaming by night.)   Species: (1) Nyctipolus nigrescens (Cabanis); (2) Nyctipolus whitelyi (Salvin)." (Ridgway 1912).

L. nigrescens, nigrescentis  blackish  < nigrescere  to become black  < niger  black.