Blue-capped Puffleg / Eriocnemis glaucopoides

Blue-capped Puffleg / Eriocnemis glaucopoides

Blue-capped Puffleg

SCI Name:  Eriocnemis glaucopoides
Protonym:  Ornismya glaucopoides Mag.Zool. 8 cl.2 p.27
Taxonomy:  Caprimulgiformes / Trochilidae /
Taxonomy Code:  blcpuf1
Type Locality:  Valle Grande, Bolivia.
Publish Year:  1838
IUCN Status:  


(Trochilidae; Ϯ Coppery-bellied Puffleg E. cupreoventris) Gr. εριον erion  wool; κνημις knēmis, κνημιδος knēmidos  boot, legging. Reichenbach's 1849, plate XL, labelled Trochilinae. Mellisuginae. Phaetorninae, clearly shows the fluffy tarsal tufts typical of these hummingbirds; "The sexes are very much alike, and both have the white muff-like decoration on the leg, but it is not so much developed in the female as in the male" (Gould 1861); "Eriocnemis Reichenbach, Av. Syst. Nat. [1849], pl. xl. Generic details only, no species. Type, by subsequent designation, Eriopus simplex Gould = Trochilus cupreo-ventris Fraser (Gould, Monogr. Trochil. pt. 3, 1852, pl. [8] and text)." (Peters, 1945, V, p. 108).   
Var. Eriocnemys, Euryocnemis.   
Synon. Aline, Derbyomyia, Engyete, Erebenna, Eriona, Eriopus, Luciania, Mosqueria, Nania, Niche, Phemonoe, Pholoe, Threptria, Vestipedes.

Specific name Trochilus glaucopis J. Gmelin, 1788; Gr. -οιδης -oidēs  resembling; "ORNISMYA, Less.   ...   7. O. glaucopoides, Nob. — Affinis hæc species Trochilo glaucopi, Gmel.; frontali, Lath., Less., Ois.-mouches, 58, 59, statura et coloribus, differt sed supra et subtus viridi-aureus, macula frontali pone rotundata, anoque cyaneo-resplendentibus; gutture, colloque antico pulchre smaragdinis; alis fusco-nigris; cauda furcata aterrima.  Rostrum rectum, mediocre nigrum.  ...  Habit. Vallegrande, rep. Boliviana.  Differt a T. glaucope macula frontali pone minus protensa, pulchre cyanea non violascente, ano tectricibusque caudæ inferis cyaneis, caudaque atra non nigro chalybæa." (d'Orbigny & de La Fresnaye 1838) (Eriocnemis).