Bolivian Blackbird / Oreopsar bolivianus

Bolivian Blackbird / Oreopsar bolivianus

Bolivian Blackbird

SCI Name:  Oreopsar bolivianus
Protonym:  Oreopsar bolivianus Ibis p.144
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Icteridae /
Taxonomy Code:  bolbla1
Type Locality:  Sucre, 2,700 m., Chuquisaca, Bolivia.
Publish Year:  1939
IUCN Status:  


(Icteridae; Ϯ Bolivian Blackbird O. bolivianus) Gr. ορος oros, ορεος oreos  mountain (i.e. Bolivian Andes); ψαρ psar, ψαρος psaros  starling. In ornithology psar can also signify American icterid; "During my researches I have come across, among other puzzles, some totally black-plumaged birds from Bolivia which I have been quite unable to place.  ...  OREOPSAR, gen. nov.*   ...  Genotype: Oreopsar bolivianus.  From Dives the new genus differs in its much shorter, stouter, and thicker bill and its rounded culmen and the almost total absence of gloss on the plumage. From Notiopsar it also differs in the shape of the bill. From Gnorimopsar, which has a somewhat similar bill, it differs in having no trace of the diagonal ridges on the lower mandible and in not having the shining, lanceolate, elongated feathers of the crown.  OREOPSAR BOLIVIANUS, sp. nov.   ...  *ορεος = mountain; ψαρ = Starling." (W. Sclater 1939); "Oreopsar W. L. Sclater, 1939, Ibis, p. 144. Type, by [original designation and] monotypy, Oreopsar bolivianus W. L. Sclater." (Blake in Peters1968, XIV, 184).

Gr. ορος oros, ορεος oreos  mountain; ψαρ psar, ψαρος psaros  starling. In ornithology psar can also signify an American icterid.

boliviae / boliviana / bolivianum / bolivianus / boliviensis
Bolivia (named after Simón Bolívar (1783-1830) "The Liberator", Venezuelan revolutionary, who helped to expel the Spaniards from their South American empire).