Buff-streaked Chat / Campicoloides bifasciatus

Buff-streaked Chat / Campicoloides bifasciatus

Buff-streaked Chat

SCI Name:  Campicoloides bifasciatus
Protonym:  Saxicola bifasciata Pl.Col. livr.79 pl.472 fig.2
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Muscicapidae /
Taxonomy Code:  busbus1
Type Locality:  Caffrerie [= eastern Cape Province] .
Publish Year:  1829
IUCN Status:  


(Muscicapidae; Buff-streaked Chat C. bifasciatus) Genus Campicola Swainson, 1827, wheatear; Gr. -οιδης -oidēs  resembling; from its appearance and behaviour the Buff-streaked Chat has been variously treated in the past as a wheatear Oenanthe and as a chat Saxicola; "Thamnolaea bifasciata is far removed from T. cinnamomeiventris (the genotype) and is probably more closely related to Campicola; but as its affinity is obscure, I propose to place it in a new genus bearing the name of  CAMPICOLOIDES." (A. Roberts 1922); "Campicoloides A. Roberts, 1922, Annals Transvaal Mus., VIII (4), p. 229.  Type, by monotypy, Thamnolaea bifasciata, i.e. Saxicola bifasciata Temminck, 1829." (JAJ 2020).

bifasciata / bifasciatus
Mod. L. bifasciatus  bifasciated, two-barred  < L. bi-  two  < bis  twice; Late L. fasciatus  banded  < L. fascia  band.
● ex “Soui-manga vert et brun” of Audebert & Vieillot 1802 (Cinnyris).