Chestnut-crested Yuhina / Yuhina everetti

Chestnut-crested Yuhina / Yuhina everetti

Chestnut-crested Yuhina

SCI Name:  Yuhina everetti
Protonym:  Staphidia everetti Ibis p.447
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Zosteropidae /
Taxonomy Code:  chcyuh1
Type Locality:  Kina Balu, North Borneo.
Publish Year:  1887
IUCN Status:  


(Zosteropidae; Ϯ Stripe-throated Yuhina Y. gularis) Nepalese name Yuhin for the Stripe-throated Yuhina; "SYLVIADÆ.  Genus new, YUHINA, nobis;  Yuhin of the Nipalese.  ...  It is the opinion of Mr. VIGORS that these singular little birds serve to connect the Silviadæ with the Certhiadæ. In the structure of the bill and tongue, and even of the feet and wings, they remind me of the genus Sibia (nobis) and of others of the Philedonian Thrushes of CUVIER — a group the contents of which have been referred at random to the Tenuirostral Meliphagidæ, and (in part at least) to the long-legged division of the Thrushes.  ...  These little birds, so far as I have yet ascertained, adhere exclusively to the great forests: prefer the lower and more umbrageous to the higher and barer trees; and seem to procure no portion of their food from the ground though their feet are sufficiently adapted for walking. They are usually found in small flocks; and have a monotonous feeble monosyllabic note.  ...  Three species are known to me, in all of which the sexes resemble each other. I now proceed to a summary description of them, premising that the first two are typical — the last, much less so.   Species 1st. YUHINA GULARIS; Spotted Throated Yuhin, nobis.  ...   Species 2d. YUHINA OCCIPITALES; Rusty-naped Yuhin, nobis.  ...   Species 3d. YUHINA? FLAVICOLLIS; Yellow-necked Yuhin, nobis." (Hodgson 1836) (see Polyodon ●); “Names of harsh and inelegant pronunciation.— These words are grating to the ear, either from inelegance of form, as Huhua, Yuhina, Craxirex  ...  or from too great length  ...  It is needless to enlarge on the advantage of consulting euphony in the construction of our language” (Strickland Code 1842).
Var. Iuhina, Juhina.
Synon. Ixulus, Odonterus, Parayuhina, Polyodon, Staphida.

everetti / everettii
Alfred Hart Everett (1848-1898) English administrator in Sarawak 1872-1890, naturalist, collector in the Philippines and East Indies (Arachnothera, syn. Bradypterus castaneus, subsp. Cacomantis vaiolosus, subsp. Cyornis concretus, Dicaeum, syn. Dicaeum hypoleucum pontifex, Dinopium, syn. Ducula pickeringii, subsp. Edolisoma mindanense, syn. Eudynamys orientalis picatus, syn. Gerygone inornata, subsp. Horornis flavolivaceus, Hypsipetes, subsp. Lonchura leucogastra, subsp. Mixornis bornensis, syn. Ninox spilocephala reyi, Otus, subsp. Pachycephala fulvotincta, subsp. Phyllergates cucullatus, subsp. Phylloscopus poliocephalus, subsp. Pnoepyga pusilla, subsp. Ptilinopus cinctus, Rhyticeros, syn. Sasia abnormis, Symposiachrus, Tanygnathus, Tesia, subsp. Treron axillaris, Turnix, syn. Tyto alba delicatula, Yuhina, Zoothera, Zosterops).