Coiba Spinetail / Cranioleuca dissita

Coiba Spinetail / Cranioleuca dissita

Coiba Spinetail

SCI Name:  Cranioleuca dissita
Protonym:  Cranioleuca vulpina dissita Smiths.Misc.Coll. 134 no.9 p.55
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Furnariidae /
Taxonomy Code:  rubspi5
Type Locality:  
Publish Year:  1957
IUCN Status:  


(Furnariidae; Ϯ Light-crowned Spinetail C. albiceps) Gr. κρανιον kranion  skull, head  < καρα kara, καρατος karatos  head; λευκος leukos  white; "LXXXVCranioleuca RCHB. Nat. Syst. d. Vög t. sppl. — Von der nahe stehenden Melanopareia verschieden durch einen stark gesteigerten Schwanz, noch kürzer als die Flügel, dessen einzelne Federn an der Spitze gerundet sind. Vierte Schwinge am längsten. Schnabel ziemlich gestreckt, Firste sanft gebogen, kiellos. Lauf ziemlich kurz, Nägel stark gekrümmt. — Das eigenthümliche Kleid des etwas größeren Vogels wird unten beschrieben.     372. C. albiceps (Synall. — D'ORBG. voy. 244. pl. 16. 2.) RCHB. t. DXXII. 3616. — Graulich olivengrün, Oberkopf gelblichweiß" (Reichenbach 1853); "Cranioleuca Reichenbach, Handb. spec. Orn., cont. x, 1853, Scansoriae A. Sittinae, p. 167. Type, by monotypy [and by virtual tautonymy], Synallaxis albiceps d'Orbigny and Lafresnaye." (Peters, 1951, VII, p. 97).
Var. Craniolenca.
Synon. Acrorchilus.

L. dissitus  lying apart, remote  < disserere  to spread.|
• "Two specimens of the endemic Red-headed Finch Amadina erythrocephala (Linnæus) of the high country below the Drakensberg Escarpment in the eastern Cape Province and Natal in the Durban Museum collection are now found to differ subspecifically from the populations breeding in the dry central and western regions of southern Africa.  ...  I find the birds of these populations generally paler and less densely squamated ventrally than those of the small resident population of the south-eastern highlands.  Despite the limited material at present available, I consider that the latter birds deserve a name of their own, and I propose to designate them  Amadina erythrocephala dissita, subsp. nov. (syn. Amadina erythrocephala).
• "The species is one that has not been found previously outside South America, where its more northern representatives range north only to the Orinoco Valley in southern Venezuela and southeastern Colombia, so that it is remarkable to find this colony on Coiba Island, where its presence has been wholly unsuspected.  The Coiba birds represent a distinct race, which is described herewith.   CRANIOLEUCA VULPINA DISSITA  subsp. nov.  ...  The general appearance of this bird, a remarkable addition to the Panamanian avifauna, is that of a group of forms allocated under the species name Cranioleuca vulpina (Pelzeln), though the decidedly brighter brown of the lower surface separates it from them so definitely as almost to warrant species status." (Wetmore 1957) (Cranioleuca).
• "Doryfera johannæ dissita, new subspecies  ...  Mt. Duida, Venezuela, 4700 ft.  ...  While there are no records of this species from between Duida and the Andes, a distance of about 1000 miles, it may possibly occur there." (Chapman 1929) (syn. Doryfera johannae guianensis).