Dimorphic Dwarf-Kingfisher / Ceyx margarethae

Dimorphic Dwarf-Kingfisher / Ceyx margarethae

Dimorphic Dwarf-Kingfisher

SCI Name:  Ceyx margarethae
Protonym:  Ceyx margarethae Braunschw.Anz. no.87 p.???
Category:  Coraciiformes / Alcedinidae /
Taxonomy Code:  vardwk1
Type Locality:  Mindanao.
Publish Year:  1890
IUCN Status:  


(Alcedinidae; Ϯ Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher C. erithaca) L. ceyx, ceycis  seabird variously identified  < Gr. κηυξ kēux, κηυκος kēukos  seabird mentioned by Dionysius and Lucian, and considered identical to the halcyon. In Gr. myth. Ceyx, blasphemous husband to Alcyone, was drowned at sea and metamorphosed into a kingfisher along with his desolated wife when she found his body washed up on the shore; "62. CÉYX.  Ceyx.  { Le bec très-long; la langue courte; le tarse très-court; chaque pied ne présentant que trois doigts." (de Lacépède 1799); "Ceyx Lacépède, Tabl. Ois., 1799, p. 10. Type, by monotypy, Alcedo tridactyla Pallas = Alcedo erithaca Linné (species added, Daudin, in Buffon, Hist. Nat. (éd Didot), 14, 1802, p. 287.)" (Peters, 1945, V, p. 178).
Var. Ceix, Ceux, Ceycis.
Synon. Alcyon, Argyroceyx, Ceycalcyon, Ceycopsis, Cyanoceyx, Micralcyone, Therosa.

margaretae / margaretha / margarethae / margarettae
• Margarethe Heine (1847-1932) sister of German ornithologist Ferdinand Heine, Jr. (subsp. Aglaiocercus kingii, subsp. Tanysiptera galatea).
• Margaret Forbes Moore née Cleaves (fl. 1937) second wife of US ornithologist Robert T. Moore (subsp. Atthis heloisa).
• Dr Margarethe Blasius née Uhde (1858-1907) wife of German ornithologist Wilhelm A. H. Blasius (Laurent Raty in litt.) (Ceyx).
• Princess Louise Margaret Alexandra Victoria Agnes (1860-1917) Duchess of Connaught, daughter of Prince Friedrich of Prussia, and wife of Field Marshall Prince Arthur Duke of Connaught and Strathearn (Charmosyna).
• Margaret Louise Zimmer née Thompson (d. 1945) wife of US ornithologist John T. Zimmer (subsp. Coeligena torquata).
• Margaret Fitzell Gilliard née Tifft (1918-2008) wife of US ornithologist E. Thomas Gilliard (subsp. Microptilotis montanus).
• Dr Margaret Morse Nice (1883-1974) US ornithologist, child psychologist (Payevsky 2018 per Björn Bergenholtz) (syn. Passer montanus).
• Margaretta Lammot DuPont Greenewalt (1902-1991) wife of US businessman Crawford Hallock Greenewalt, President of DuPont Corporation 1948-1962, conservationist, photographer (Phaethornis).
• Margaretha Auguste Henriette Caroline Louise Gräfin von Plessen (b. 1894) sister of German explorer Victor Baron von Plessen (Paul Scofield in litt.) (syn. Ptilinopus melanospilus chrysorrhous).
• Margareta le Roi (fl. 1932) wife of German ornithologist Dr Otto le Roi (syn. Ptilopsis leucotis).
• Margarethe Fanny Charlotte Johansen née Busch (d. 1885) mother of Russian zoologist and explorer Prof. Hermann Johansen (syn. Saxicola rubetra).
• Margarete Mayr née Simon (1912-1990) wife of US/German ornithologist Ernst Mayr (Zoothera).