Equatorial Graytail / Xenerpestes singularis

Equatorial Graytail / Xenerpestes singularis

Equatorial Graytail

SCI Name:  Xenerpestes singularis
Protonym:  Synallaxis singularis Proc.Zool.Soc.London Pt1 p.96 pl.7 fig.2
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Furnariidae /
Taxonomy Code:  equgra1
Type Locality:  Mapoto, 7000 feet, Ambato, Ecuador.
Publish Year:  1885
IUCN Status:  


(Furnariidae; Ϯ Double-banded Greytail X. minlosi) Gr. ξενος xenos  stranger; ἑρπηστης herpēstēs  creeper, creeping thing  < ἑρπω herpō  to crawl; "In appearance Xenerpestes minlosi is quite unlike any other species.  At first sight its colouring reminds one somewhat of the curious Odontorhynchus branickii, being cinereous above, white below, and showing white striations on the nape &c.  In form, however, it is altogether different; moreover it has an unbarred tail, white wing-bands &c., and the similarity appears very superficial when the two species are compared more closely together.  The correct position of the new bird is, no doubt, among the Dendrocolaptidæ; and I am inclined to adopt the view of my friend Mr. Sclater, who believes that it ought to be placed in the neighbourhood of Synallaxis.  Nevertheless its comparatively much longer wings, which are more pointed (not rounded), its tail, the feathers of which are soft, with their tips rounded (not pointed, nor are the rectrices anywhere dilated, as are certain Dendrocolaptidæ with soft tails), the curved bill, the very short legs, with their strong much-curved claws, and the quite singular coloration make it very different from that genus, and its correct position among the Dendrocolaptidæ must remain a matter of controversy.  The bird may be characterized as follows:—   XENERPESTES (ξενος = alienus, ἑρπηστης, nomen propr.), genus novum Dendrocolaptidarum.   ...   XENERPESTES MINLOSI, sp. nov. (Pl. IV.)" (von Berlepsch 1886); "Xenerpestes Berlepsch, Ibis, 1886, p. 54. Type, by monotypy, Xenerpestes minlosi Berlepsch." (Peters 1951, VII, 115). 

L. singularis unique, extraordinary < singulus single.