Gray-and-gold Tanager / Poecilostreptus palmeri

Gray-and-gold Tanager / Poecilostreptus palmeri

Gray-and-gold Tanager

SCI Name:  Poecilostreptus palmeri
Protonym:  Calospiza palmeri Rev.Franc.Orn. 1 p.49
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Thraupidae /
Taxonomy Code:  gagtan1
Type Locality:  Sipi, Rio Sipi, Choco [, Colombia].
Publish Year:  1909
IUCN Status:  


(syn. Tangara Ϯ Grey-and-gold Tanager T. palmeri) Gr. ποικιλος poikilos  variegated, spotted; στρεπτος streptos  collar, neck-chain  < στρεφω strephō  to twist; "31. Poecilostreptus, new genus (Fig. 5).  Type species. Calospiza palmeri Hellmayr, 1909 (currently Tangara palmeri).  ...  Etymology. Poecilostreptus is formed from the Greek ποικιλος ("spotted" or "dappled") and στρεπτος ("collar"), alluding to the pattern of black spots across a whitish chest shared by P. palmeri and P. cabanisi" (Burns et al. 2016) (OD per Richard Klim).

● Palmer River, southern New Guinea (subsp. Colluricincla megarhyncha).
● William Palmer (1856-1921) US taxidermist at Smithsonian Instituition 1874-1921, collector in Cuba 1900 and Java 1909-1910 (syn. Hirundo rustica erythrogaster, subsp. Synoicus chinensis, subsp. Todiramphus chloris).
● Henry Charles Palmer (1866-1920) English collector for Lord Rothschild in California 1889, Chatham Is. 1890, Hawaiian Is. 1890–1893, and Midway 1893, emigrated to Australia 1894 (Björn Bergenholtz and Justin Jansen in litt.) (Myadestes, ‡Rhodacanthis, Zapornia).
● Dr Theodore Sherman Palmer (1868-1955) US zoologist at Department of Agriculture 1889-1933, nomenclatorist, philologist (syn. Oreortyx pictus).
● Mervyn George Palmer (1882-1955) English naturalist, collector in tropical America (Tangara).
● Dr Edward Palmer (1831-1911) US botanist, explorer, collector (subsp. Toxostoma curvirostre).
● Prof. Ralph Simon Palmer (1914-2003) US zoologist (subsp. Vireo leucophrys).