Green Hermit / Phaethornis guy

Green Hermit / Phaethornis guy

Green Hermit

SCI Name:  Phaethornis guy
Protonym:  Trochilus Guy LesTrochilidees p.119,xiv
Taxonomy:  Caprimulgiformes / Trochilidae /
Taxonomy Code:  greher1
Type Locality:  Brazil, error = Venezuela.
Publish Year:  1833
IUCN Status:  


(Trochilidae; Long-tailed Hermit P. superciliosus) Gr. φαεθων phaethōn  sun  < φαω phaō  to shine; ορνις ornis, ορνιθος ornithos  bird; "97. Cynanthus bifurcatus.   ...   This is an aberrant species, touching the genus Phæthornis, Sw., or that group of which Troch. superciliosus of Authors forms the type." (Swainson 1827 (Philos. Mag., 1, 441)); "PHÆTHORNISRostrum elongatum, arcuatum. Cauda elongata, gradata vel cuneata.   Types. 1. T. superciliosus, L.   2. Col. tacheté? Temm., Pl. col. 120. f. 3.   3. T. chrysobronchos, Shaw." (Swainson 1827 (Zool. Journ., III, 357)); "Phæthornis Swainson, Philos. Mag. (n.s.). 1, June, 1827, p. 441.  Type, by original designation, "Troch. superciliosus of Authors" i.e. Trochilus superciliosus Linné." (Peters, 1945, V, 7).   
Var. Phaetornis, Phoethornis, Phoetornis, Phaethornus, Phaedornis, Phrethornis.   
Synon. Anisoterus, Eremita, Guyornis, Mesophila, Milornis, Ptyonornis, Pygmornis, Toxoteuches.
• (Trochilidae; syn. Thaumastura † Peruvian Sheartail T. cora) "5. Subgen.  Phaetornis Swains.   204. 7. Tr. Cora.   Orthorhynchus Cora Less. Garn. Zool. Coq. pl. 31. 4.   Ornismya Cora Man. Ornith. II. p. 82." (von Tschudi 1844); "Phaethornis von Tschudi, 1844, Archiv für Naturgesch., X, p. 297.  Type, by subsequent designation (Elliot, 1879, Smithsonian Contrib. Knowledge, 317, Classif. Synop. Trochilidae, p. 122), Orthorhynchus cora Lesson, 1827." (JAJ 2020).
• (Trochilidae; syn. Trochilus † Red-billed Streamertail T. polytmus) "Phœthornis, Swainson.  ...  La tête est sans ornament ou munie de huppes.   ESP. 13.  OISEAU-MOUCHE A TÊTE NOIRE.  Ornismya cephalatra. N.  ...  Trochilus polytmus, L. sp. 4   ...   ESP. 14. OISEAU-MOUCHE A OREILLES D'AZUR.  Ornismya aurita. N.   ...   ESP. 15.  OISEAU-MOUCHE AUX HUPPES D'OR.  Ornismya chrysolopha. N.  ...  Trochilus cornutus, prince de Wied   ...   ESP. 16.  OISEAU-MOUCHE LANGSDORFF.  Ornismya Langsdorffii. N.   ...   ESP. 17.  OISEAU-MOUCHE CORA.  Ornismya Cora. N.   ...   ESP. 18.  OISEAU-MOUCHE A QUEUE SINGULIÈRE.  Ornismya heteropygia. N.  ...  Trochilus enicurus, Vieill." (Lesson 1829); "Phaethornis Lesson, 1829, Hist. Nat. Oiseaux-Mouches, p. xviij.  Type, by subsequent designation (G. Gray, 1840, List Genera Birds, p. 14), Ornismya cephalatra Lesson, 1829 = Trochilus polytmus Linnaeus, 1758." (JAJ 2020).

J. Guy (fl. 1833) French amateur collector (cf. Claude-Joseph Guy (fl. 1840) French preparator of anatomical models) (syn. Nymphicus hollandicus, Phaethornis).


Green Hermit (coruscus)
SCI Name: Phaethornis guy coruscus
L. coruscus brilliant, flashing < coruscare to twinkle.

Green Hermit (emiliae)
SCI Name: Phaethornis guy emiliae
● Emily Eliza Sharpe née Burrows (1843-1928) wife of British ornithologist Richard Bowdler Sharpe (Chlorocharis, subsp. Nigrita canicapillus,  subsp. Tanysiptera galatea).
● Henriette Mathilde Maria Elisabeth Emilie Snethlage (1868-1929) German ornithologist, collector in Brazil 1905-1929, Director of the Goeldi Mus. 1914-1922 (subsp. Dysithamnus mentalis, subsp. Microrhopias quixensis).
● "Iodopleura Emiliæ. (Parzudaky.)"; lapsus for isabellae (des Murs 1849, Iconographie Ornithologique, pl. 68) (Iodopleura).
● Marie Antoinette Émilie Galichon née Tuffet (1802-1873) second wife of French art collector and historian Émile-Louis Étienne Galichon (d. 1873) (subsp. Phaethornis guy).
● Émilie Lapèyre-Bellair (or Lapère) (fl. 1845) wife of Capt. Jean Théophile Lapèyre-Bellair (1814-1852) French Army, collector in the Marquesas (syn. Ptilinopus dupetithouarsii).
● Émilie de Dalmas (b. 1886) daughter of French ornithologist Raymond Comte de Dalmas (Martin Schneider in litt.) (syn. Tangara lavinia).

Green Hermit (apicalis)
SCI Name: Phaethornis guy apicalis
Mod. L. apicalis  apical, of the tip  < L. apex, apicis  point, extremity.
● "ACANTHIZA APICALIS.  ...  Distinguished from A. Diemenensis, A. pusilla, and A. Ewingii, to all of which it is nearly allied, by its large size, by its larger and rounder tail, by the broad and distinct band of black which crosses the tail-feathers near their extremities, and by their being largely tipped with white." (Gould 1847) (Acanthiza).
● "MOHO APICALIS  ...  I avail myself of the opportunity of characterizing the species, and have assigned to it the name of apicalis, from the circumstance of all but the two middle tail-feathers being tipped with white" (Gould 1861) (‡Moho).
● "MYIARCHUS APICALIS  ...  caudæ nigricantis rectricis externæ pogonio externo et ceterarum apicibus latis flavido-albicantibus" (P. Sclater & Salvin 1881) (Myiarchus). 

Green Hermit (guy)
SCI Name: Phaethornis guy guy
J. Guy (fl. 1833) French amateur collector (cf. Claude-Joseph Guy (fl. 1840) French preparator of anatomical models) (syn. Nymphicus hollandicus, Phaethornis).