Hawaiian Rail / Zapornia sandwichensis

Hawaiian Rail / Zapornia sandwichensis

Hawaiian Rail

SCI Name:  Zapornia sandwichensis
Protonym:  Rallus Sandwichensis Syst.Nat. 1 pt2 p.717
Taxonomy:  Gruiformes / Rallidae /
Taxonomy Code:  hawrai
Type Locality:  Hawaiian Islands, based on the Sandwich Rail of Latham.
Publish Year:  1789
IUCN Status:  


(Rallidae; Ϯ Little Crake Z. parva) Anagram of genus Porzana Vieillot, 1816, crake; "ZAPORNIA. CRAKER.  ...  RALLUS. Gmel., Lath.  GALLINULA. Beck., Temm.  ZAPORNIA. Leach.  OF this genus, which was separated by Dr Leach from the Crakes, there is but one species known.  ...  LITTLE CRAKER. (Zapornia pusilla.)  ...  Zapornia minuta. Leach, Cat. Brit. Mus. p. 34" (Stephens 1824).
Var. Zaporina, Lapornia.
Synon. Aphanolimnas, Kittlitzia, Limnobaenus, Limnocorax, Nesophylax, Palugalla, Pennula, Phalaridion, Porzanoidea, Porzanula, Rallites, Schoenocrex.

sandvicensis / sandvichensis / sandwichensis
● Sandwich I. (= Faté = Efaté), New Hebrides (subsp. Chalcophaps longirostris).
Sandwich Is. (= Hawaiian Is.) (named after John Montagu 4th Earl of Sandwich (1718-1792) First Lord of the Admiralty 1771-1782); ex “Sandwich Fly-catcher” of Latham 1783 (Chasiempis).
● Sandwich Is. (= Hawaiian Is.); ex “Sandwich Thrush” (= ☼) of Latham 1783 (syn. Chasiempis sandwichensis).
● Unalaska I. and Sandwich Sound, Alaska (cf. “Named after Sandwich Island, one of the Kurile or Aleutian Archipelago” (Coues 1882)); ex “Unalaska Bunting” of Pennant 1785, and “Sandwich Bunting” of Latham 1785 (Passerculus).
● Sandwich, Kent, England; ex “Sandwich Tern” of Latham 1785 (Thalasseus).
● Sandwich Is. (= Hawaiian Is.); ex "Sandwich Rail" of Latham 1785 (‡Zapornia).