Horned Guan / Oreophasis derbianus

Horned Guan / Oreophasis derbianus

Horned Guan

SCI Name:  Oreophasis derbianus
Protonym:  Oreophasis Derbianus Gen.Birds 3 p.485 pl.121
Category:  Galliformes / Cracidae /
Taxonomy Code:  horgua1
Type Locality:  Guatemala.
Publish Year:  1844
IUCN Status:  


(Cracidae; Ϯ Horned Guan O. derbianus) Gr. ορος oros, ορεος oreos  mountain (i.e. mountains of Guatemala); Mod. L. phasis  pheasant  < Med. L. phasis avis  pheasant; "OREOPHASIS.  Bill lengthened, compressed on the sides; the base of both mandibles covered with soft velvety down, forming a short but lengthened crest along the basal portion of the culmen to the front of the nostrils; the anterior part of the culmen vaulted and arched to the tip; nostrils concealed by the velvety down, except the opening, which is rather ovate.  Wings rather short, and much rounded, with the sixth and seventh quills the longest.  Tail lengthened, very broad, and much rounded at its end.  Tarsi rather shorter than the middle toe, robust.  Toes long, and the lateral ones equal; the claws moderate, compressed, and slightly curved.  The space above the eye naked; with a broad, rounded, and elevated knob, truncated at its end.  Two longitudinal stripes below the under mandible, and a semicircular space on the throat, denuded of feathers.  This fine bird was brought from Guatemala; but its habits and manners are at present unknown.   O. Derbianus G. R. Gray." (G. Gray 1844); "Oreophasis G. R. Gray, Gen. Bds., 1844, p. [485], col. pl. 121 and pl. [121]. Type, by monotypy, Oreophasis derbianus G. R. Gray." (Peters 1934, II, 24).
Var. Oreophasianus (Gr. φαςιανος phasianos  pheasant).

derbiana / derbianus
Edward Smith Stanley 13th Earl of Derby (1775-1851) English zoologist, founder of Knowsley Menagerie (Aulacorhynchus, syn. Chauna chavaria, syn. Ensifera ensifera, syn. Lyrurus tetrix, Oreophasis, Orthotomus, subsp. Pitangus sulphuratus, Psittacula) (see also derbyanus).