Indian Gray Hornbill / Ocyceros birostris

Indian Gray Hornbill / Ocyceros birostris

Indian Gray Hornbill

SCI Name:  Ocyceros birostris
Protonym:  Buceros birostris Del.Flor.Faun.Insubr. 2 p.87
Taxonomy:  Bucerotiformes / Bucerotidae /
Taxonomy Code:  inghor2
Type Locality:  Coromandel, India.
Publish Year:  1786
IUCN Status:  


(Bucerotidae; Ϯ Indian Grey Hornbill O. birostris) Gr. οξυκερως oxukerōs  with pointed horns  < οξυς oxus  sharp, pointed; κερας keras, κερως kerōs  horn; "Ocyceros* ginginianus, Shaw.  ...  * I propose this subgeneric name for the present species and Tickellii, Blyth; Bonaparte's name meniceros, of 1854, having been previously otherwise applied by Gloger in 1842" (Hume 1873); "Ocyceros Hume, Nests and Eggs Indian Bds., 1873, p. 113. New name for Meniceros Bonaparte, 1854, not of Gloger, 1841. Type, by subsequent designation, Buceros birostris Scopoli. (Elliot, Monogr. Bucerot., pt. 10, 1882, p. xvii [= intro., p. xvii of volume]." (Peters 1945, V, 254).
Synon. Gingala.

L. bi-  two-  < bis  twice; -rostris  -billed  < rostrum  beak.
● ex “Calao de Gingi” of Sonnerat 1782 (Ocyceros).