Kerguelen Petrel / Aphrodroma brevirostris

Kerguelen Petrel / Aphrodroma brevirostris

Kerguelen Petrel

SCI Name:  Aphrodroma brevirostris
Protonym:  Procellaria brevirostris TraitedOrn. livr.8 p.611
Taxonomy:  Procellariiformes / Procellariidae /
Taxonomy Code:  kerpet2
Type Locality:  No type locality.
Publish Year:  1831
IUCN Status:  


(Procellariidae; Kerguelen Petrel A. brevirostris) Gr. αφρος aphros  sea foam; -δρομος -dromos  -racer  < τρεχω trekhō  to run; “Like the bird itself, its specific and generic nomenclature has been through some rough weather.  ...  Aphrodroma, new genus   Type-species. Oestrelata kidderi Coues (1875a, b).  The holotype of this species (USNM68970) is an undisputed example of Kerguelen Petrel, an adult male taken on 22 Oct 1874 on Kerguelen Island by J. H. Kidder (Deignan 1961: 12).  The selection of O. kidderi as the type species of Aphrodroma insures that the generic name will always attach to the organism intended to be distinguished.   ...   Should the identity of the Paris specimen [of Procellaria brevirostris Lesson], or its status as a type, be revised, the genus would remain the same and the Kerguelen Petrel would then be known as Aphrodroma kidderi (Coues).   Etymology. Gr. aphros, foam, froth, and dromos, running, from the habitat of the species in stormy seas.  The name is feminine in gender.” (Olson 2000); "Aphrodroma Olson, 2000, Bull. Brit. Ornith. Club, 120 (1), p. 60.  Type, by original designation, Oestrelata kidderi Coues = Procellaria brevirostris Lesson." (JAJ 2020) (see Lugensa).
Synon. Atterrima, Lugensa.

brevirostre / brevirostris
Mod. L. brevirostris  having a short beak  < L. brevis  short; -rostris  -billed  < rostrum  beak.