Lesser Florican / Sypheotides indicus

Lesser Florican / Sypheotides indicus

Lesser Florican

SCI Name:  Sypheotides indicus
Protonym:  Otis indica Var.Subj.Nat.Hist. pt6 pl.33
Taxonomy:  Otidiformes / Otididae /
Taxonomy Code:  lesflo2
Type Locality:  India.
Publish Year:  1782
IUCN Status:  


(Otididae; Ϯ Lesser Florican S. indica) Gr. σιφων siphōn straw; ωτις ōtis, ωτιδος ōtidos bustard; from the lengthened, straw-like ear-plumes of the breeding male Lesser Florican (cf. συφεος supheos pigsty; ωτις ōtis, ωτιδος ōtidos bustard); "14e genre OUTARDE, Otis, L.  ...  4e sous-genre Sypheotides.  Deux espèces: Otis aurita et O. fulva." (Lesson 1839); "Sypheotides Lesson, Rev. Zool., 1839, p. 47. Type, by subsequent designation, Otis aurita Latham = Otis indica J. F. Miller (G. R. Gray, List Gen. Bds., 1840, p. 64)." (Peters 1934, II, 225).
Var. Sypheotis.
Synon. Comatotis.

L. Indicus  Indian  < India  India. In early ornithology the term Indiis was also applied to the East Indies and, less frequently, to the West Indies and the Guianas.
● India and Tibet; ex “Barred-headed Goose” of Latham 1787 (Anser).
● Erroneous TL. India (= South Carolina) (syn. Baeolophus bicolor).
● Java; ex “Javan Hawk” of Latham 1781 (Butastur).
● ex “Indian Goatsucker” of Latham 1787 (Caprimulgus).
● ex “Drongolon” of Levaillant 1805, pl. 174, and “Long-tailed Shrike” of Latham 1822 (syn. Dicrurus macrocercus).
● ex "Psittaca indica coccinea” of Brisson, “Perruche des Indes orientales” of d’Aubenton 1765-1781, pl. 143, “Lori Perruche violet et rouge” of de Buffon 1770-1783, and “Indian Lory” of Latham 1781 (syn. Eos histrio).
● ex “Lohaujung Heron” of Latham 1787 (syn. Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus).
● ex “Eastern black Cuckow” of Lastham 1787 (syn. Eudynamys scolopaceus).
● ex “Grand Vautour des Indes” of Sonnerat 1782 (Gyps).
● ex “Indian Curucui” of Latham 1787 (?syn. Harpactes fasciatus).
● ex “Merle des Indes orientales” of d’Aubenton 1765-1781, pl. 273, fig. 2 (syn. Lalage nigra).
● ex “Smallest red and green Indian Paroquet” of Edwards 1743-1751, “Psittacula indica” of Brisson 1760, and “Red and green indian Parrot” of Latham 1781 (syn. Loriculus beryllinus).
● ex “Indian Jacana” of Latham 1787 (Metopidius).
● ex “Little Hawk Owl of Ceylon” of Pennant 1769, and “Indian Eared Owl” of Latham 1781 (syn. Otus bakkamoena).
● ex “Gélinote des Indes” of Sonnerat 1776, and “Indian Grous” of Latham 1783 (Pterocles).
● ex “White-chinned Bustard” of Latham 1783, and “Passarage Bustard” of Latham 1787 (Sypheotides).
● ex “Rossignol de muraille des Indes” of Sonnerat 1782 (Tarsiger).
● ex “Bécassine blanche des Indes” of Sonnerat 1776, and “White indian Snipe” of Latham 1785 (?Tringa erythropus).
● Erroneous TL. India (= Gamtoos River, Cape Province, South Africa); ex “Indian Coly” of Latham 1787 (Urocolius).
● ex “Vanneau armé des Indes” of de Buffon 1770-1785 (Vanellus).
● ex “Little redwinged Parrakeet” of Edwards 1758-1764, and “Psittaca indica” of Brisson 1760 (unident.).
● India; ex “Sicrin” of Levaillant 1801, pl. 82 (artefact).