Long-tailed Ground-Roller / Uratelornis chimaera

Long-tailed Ground-Roller / Uratelornis chimaera

Long-tailed Ground-Roller

SCI Name:  Uratelornis chimaera
Protonym:  Uratelornis chimaera Novit.Zool. 2 p.479
Category:  Coraciiformes / Brachypteraciidae /
Taxonomy Code:  ltgrol1
Type Locality:  Madagascar.
Publish Year:  1895
IUCN Status:  


(Brachypteraciidae; Ϯ Long-tailed Ground-roller U. chimaera) Gr. ουρα oura  tail; genus Atelornis Pucheran, 1846, ground-roller; "Uratelornis chimaera sp. nov. et gen. nov.   ...   I was obliged to create a new genus for this most remarkable bird, because it differs in two important points from Atelornis, to which it is, on the whole, closely allied. For, while Atelornis crossleyi, with a total length of about 9½ inches, has a tail only 4½ inches long, my new bird, with a length of 18 inches, has a tail fully 12 inches long. In A. pittoides the tail is still shorter in proportion. The second important difference is the great length of the tarsus, which is much longer than in A. crossleyi, while the toes are even shorter.  A third difference is that the nostrils are more exposed.  In other respects there are no structural distinctions from Atelornis crossleyi." (Rothschild 1895).

Gr. myth. Chimaera, the fabulous Lycian monster of varied aspect (syn. Casuarius casuariusUratelornis).