Maccoa Duck / Oxyura maccoa

Maccoa Duck / Oxyura maccoa

Maccoa Duck

SCI Name:  Oxyura maccoa
Protonym:  Erismatura maccoa Monogr.Anatidae p.169
Taxonomy:  Anseriformes / Anatidae /
Taxonomy Code:  macduc1
Type Locality:  Indian Isles = South Africa.
Publish Year:  1838
IUCN Status:  


(Anatidae; Ϯ Ruddy Duck O. jamaicensis) Gr. οξυς oxus  sharp, pointed; ουρα oura  tail; "SUBGENUS III. OXYURA.  Rhynchaspis, Oidemia, Steph.  Macreuses, Cuv.  Bill broad at tip, nail very small. Wings very short, concave. Tail long, cuneiform, of eighteen narrow pointed, rigid, canaliculate feathers. Plumage remarkably thick, compact, and beneath silvery.  336. FULIGULA RUBIDA, Nob." (Bonaparte 1828); "Oxyura Bonaparte, Ann. Lyc. Nat. Hist. New York, 2, 1828, p. 390. Type, by monotypy, Anas rubidus Wilson." (Peters 1931, I, 184); "12. Oxyura jamaicensis  ...  Population of North America has been assigned separate subspecies rubida, though doubtfully valid." (del Hoyo & Collar 2014, 126).
Synon. Bythonessa, Cerconectes, Erismatura, Gymnura, Pervicauda, Plectrura, Undina.

Gr. οξυς oxus  sharp, pointed; -ουρος -ouros  -tailed  < ουρα oura tail.
● ex “Figuier à Cuti-Pennes” of Levaillant 1803, pl. 133 (unident.).

Maccoa, an alternative spelling of Macao, China (Portuguese Macáu).
● An erroneous toponym. Despite its substantive and scientific names the Maccoa Duck is found only in tropical Africa. Clinning 1989, records that the Afrikaans names for the domestic Muscovy Duck and the Spur-winged Goose are Makou and Wilde makou respectively, but that Makou is of Chinese origin (Oxyura).