Mountain Serpent-Eagle / Spilornis kinabaluensis

Mountain Serpent-Eagle / Spilornis kinabaluensis

Mountain Serpent-Eagle

SCI Name:  Spilornis kinabaluensis
Protonym:  Spilornis cheela kinabaluensis Bull.Br.Orn.Club 40 p.37
Taxonomy:  Accipitriformes / Accipitridae /
Taxonomy Code:  moseag1
Type Locality:  Mt. Kinabalu.
Publish Year:  1919
IUCN Status:  


(Accipitridae; Ϯ Crested Serpent Eagle S. cheela) Gr. σπιλος spilos  spot; ορνις ornis, ορνιθος ornithos  bird; "The first [Haematornis holospilus] is spotted all over the body, the second [H. bacha] only on the abdomen; while the third [H. undulatus = Spilornis cheela] is marked by spots on the wing-coverts, and by ocelli bearing an undulated appearance on the abdomen, the breast also being crossed by undulating fasciæ" (Vigors 1832); "SPILORNIS, n.  Hæmatornisb, Vigors.  Falco, Shaw.   S. Bacha, (Shaw,) n.  Levaill. Ois. d'Afr., pl. 15.  ...  bPreviously used by Mr. Swainson." (G. Gray 1840); "Spilornis G. R. Gray, List Gen. Bds., 1840, p. 3. Type, by original designation, Falco bacha Shaw; based on "Le Bacha" of Levaillant, ? 1797, Hist. Nast. Oiseaux Afrique, 1, p. 44, pl. 15 = Falco bassus J. R. Forster = Spilornis cheela subsp.  ...  Falco Bassus J. R. Forster, 1798, in Levaillant, Naturgeschichte Afr. Vögel, p. 55, pl. 15 — mountains of Great Namaqualand (corrected to Java by Sundevall, 1857, K. Svenska Vetenskaps-Acad. Handlingar, n.s., 2, no. 3, p. 25), is unidentifiable (cf. Gurney, 1878, Ibis, p. 100, and Stresemann, 1959, Journ. Ornith., 100, p. 355)." (Amadon in Peters 1979, 1, ed. 2, 311, 314).   
Synon. Bacha, Haematornis, Hypaetos, Ophaetus.

kinabalu / kinabaluensis
Mt. Kinabalu, Borneo.