Pink-legged Graveteiro / Acrobatornis fonsecai

Pink-legged Graveteiro / Acrobatornis fonsecai

Pink-legged Graveteiro

SCI Name:  Acrobatornis fonsecai
Protonym:  Acrobatornis fonsecai WilsonBull. 108 p.405-408
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Furnariidae /
Taxonomy Code:  pilgra1
Type Locality:  
Publish Year:  1996
IUCN Status:  


(Furnariidae; Pink-legged Graveteiro A. fonsecai) Gr. ακροβατης akrobatēs  acrobat  < ακρος akros  highest, topmost  < ακη akē  point; βατης batēs  walker  < βατεω bateō  to tread  < βαινω bainō  to walk (cf. ακροβατος akrobatos  walking on tip-toe); ορνις ornis,  ορνιθος ornithos  bird; "Acrobatornis gen. nov.  TYPE-SPECIES: Acrobatornis fonsecai Pacheco, Whitney, and Gonzaga.   DIAGNOSIS. —A small, arboreal furnariid (weight 14 g) completely lacking rufous in definitive plumage, and largely orange-tawny in juvenal plumage.  Adults basically gray with black wings, tail, and cap   ...  ETYMOLOGY. —From the Greek words akróbatos, and órnis, referring to the acrobatic climbing and hanging foraging behavior of this bird; the root akróbatos is immedicately understood in a remarkably diverse set of languages. The name is masculine in gender.    Acrobatornis fonsecai sp. nov.  Pink-legged Graveteiro   Acrobata (Portuguese)   ...   We designate the English name Pink-legged Graveteiro to call attention to conspicuous morphological and ecological features of the bird: the stout, bright-pink legs and feet, and the fact that it gathers twigs and sticks ("gravetos" in Portuguese) to construct its nest, as do several other groups of furnariids, such as the canasteros ("basket-makers" in Spanish).  Indeed, to call Acrobatornis a "canastero" or "thornbird" or "spinetail" or any other existing English name seems inappropriate, regardless of its phylogenetic affinities." (Pacheco et al. 1996); "Acrobatornis Pacheco, Whitney and Gonzaga, 1996, Wilson Bulletin, 108 (3), p. 400.  Type, by original designation, Acrobatornis fonsecai Pacheco, Whitney and Gonzaga, 1996." (JAJ 2019).

Paulo Sérgio Moreira da Fonseca (fl. 1996) Brazilian ornithologist, collector (Acrobatornis).