Red-crested Cotinga / Ampelion rubrocristatus

Red-crested Cotinga / Ampelion rubrocristatus

Red-crested Cotinga

SCI Name:  Ampelion rubrocristatus
Protonym:  A[mpelis] rubro-cristata Mag.Zool. 7 cl.2 p.39
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Cotingidae /
Taxonomy Code:  reccot1
Type Locality:  Ayupaya [= Ayopayo] , Yungas, Cochabamba, Bolivia.
Publish Year:  1837
IUCN Status:  


(Cotingidae; Chestnut-crested Cotinga A. rufaxilla) L. ampelion, ampelionis  unknown bird, variously identified < Gr. αμπελιων ampeliōn, αμπελιωνος ampeliōnos  unknown small bird, mentioned by Dionysius; "Gen. AMPELION Cab. MSS. 1845.  Procnias Swains. part.  Ampelis Orb. Tsch. part.    1. A. rufaxillus Tsch.  Ampelis rufaxilla Tsch. Consp. Av. Nro. 48." (von Tschudi 1845); "Ampelion Tschudi, 1845, Unters. Faun. Peru., Aves, p. 21.  Type, by montypy, Ampelis rufaxilla Tschudi." (Snow in Peters, 1979, VIII, p. 285).
Synon. Heliochera.
• (Cotingidae; syn. Ampelion † Red-crested Cotinga A. rubrocristatus) "Ampelion CABANIS in TSCHUDI, Faun. Peru, Aves, p. 137, 1846—type by subs. desig. (GRAY, Cat. Gen. and Subgen. Birds, p. 56, 1855) 2 "Ampelis" [= Procnias] cucullata SWAINSON.   ...   2 In the Appendix of the same work (p. 147) Gray selected Ampelis rubrocristata LAFRESNAYE and D'ORBIGNY, the other species originally included in the genus Ampelion, but under the rules there is no justification in reversing the earlier action." (Hellmayr, 1929, Cat. Birds Americas, Pt. VI, p. 101).
• (Cotingidae; syn. Carpornis Hooded Berryeater C. cucullata) "7. Gen. AMPELION, Cab.    Characteres generalis familiæ.  Genus Ampelidis simile sed rostro breviore, altiore, magis curvato, basi latiore, versus apicem compresso; cauda longiore, ptilosi minus nitido.    Typi: Procnias cucullata Swains.   Ampelis rubrocristata Orb." (Cabanis 1846); "Ampelion Cabanis in Tschudi, 1846, Unters. Faun. Peru., Aves, p. 137.  Type, by subsequent designation (G. R. Gray, 1855, Cat. Genera Subgenera Birds, p. 56), Ampelis [= Procnias] cucullata Swainson." (Snow in Peters, 1979, VIII, p. 284).
Var. Ampelio.

rubrocristata / rubrocristatus
L. ruber  red; cristatus  crested  < crista  crest, plume.