Running Coua / Coua cursor

Running Coua / Coua cursor

Running Coua

SCI Name:  Coua cursor
Protonym:  Coua cursor Rev.Mag.Zool.(2), 19 p.86,391
Taxonomy:  Cuculiformes / Cuculidae /
Taxonomy Code:  runcou1
Type Locality:  Cape Sainte Marie and Machikora, Madagascar.
Publish Year:  1867
IUCN Status:  


(Cuculidae; Ϯ Giant Coua C. gigas) French name “Coua” given to these Madagascan cuckoos by Cuvier 1816 < Malagasy onomatopoeia Koa for the Red-fronted Coua and Red-breasted Coua. “COULICOU COUA  ...  Tel est le nom que les habitans de Madagascar ont imposé à cet oiseau [Coua cristata]; mais l’on ignore si c’est d’après son cri ou quelque autre propriété” (Vieillot 1817); "Die Cuas. Vaill.  Coua. (Coccyzus, Vieill.)   Unterscheiden sich von den Kukuks nur durch längere Füße, was aber sie noch mehr auszeichnet, ist, daß wenigstens die Arten, welche man näher kennt, in Baumlöchern nisten und ihre Eier nicht in fremde Nester leden.    Cua von Madagascar.  Coua. madagascariensis. Enl. 815.  Cocc. virescens. Vieill." (Schinz 1821); "Coua Schinz, Das Thierreich, 1, 1821, p. 661. Type, by monotypy, Cuculus madagascariensis Gmelin = Cuculus gigas Boddaert.4   ...   4 While sometimes credited to Cuvier, Règne Anim., 1816, p. 425, this genus was employed by him only in the vernacular, "les Couas"; Coua Oken, 1817, is a nomen nudum." (Peters, 1940, IV, p. 64).   
Var. Cua, Cona.   
Synon. CoccyzusCochlothraustes, Glaucococcyx, Serisomus.

L. cursor, cursoris  runner  < currere  to run.
● ex “Cream-coloured Plover” of Latham 1785 (Cursorius).
● ex “Traquet Coureur” of Levaillant 1806, pl. 190 (unident.).

(Glareolidae; Ϯ Cream-coloured Courser C. cursor) Specific name Charadrius cursor Latham 1787; "GENUS LXXV.  CURSORIUS.  Rostrum teretiusculum, apice incurvato, acuto.  Rictus amplissimus.  Nares ovatæ.  Lingua acuta.  Pedes cursorii, tridactyli.   1. europæus.   ...  Charadrius gallicus, Gmel. Syst. i. p. 692.  Coure-vite, Buf. viii. p. 128.—Pl. enl. 795.  Pluvialis morinellus flavescens, Ger. Orn. t. 474.  Cream-coloured Plover, Lath. Syn. v. p. 217. 25.  HABITAT in Europa rarissimus   ...   2. asiaticus.  ...  Charadrius coromandelicus, Gmel. Syst. i. p. 692.  Coure-vite de Coromandel, Buf. viii. p. 129.—Pl. Enl. 892.  Coromandel Plover, Lath. Syn. v. p. 217. 26.   HABITAT in Coromandela" (Latham 1790); "Cursorius Latham, Ind. Orn., 2, 1790, p. 751. Type, by subsequent designation, Charadrius europaeus Latham = Charadrius cursor Latham (Swainson, Zool. Illustr., 2, 1822, text to pl. 106)." (Peters, 1934, II, p. 299). The Cream-coloured Courser was described from a vagrant immature bird shot near Wingham in Kent in 1785.
Var. Cursor.
Synon. Dromius, Microcursorius, Tachydromus.