Salvadori’s Teal / Salvadorina waigiuensis

Salvadori\'s Teal / Salvadorina waigiuensis

Salvadori's Teal

SCI Name:  Salvadorina waigiuensis
Protonym:  Salvadorina waigiuensis Novit.Zool. 1 p.683
Taxonomy:  Anseriformes / Anatidae /
Taxonomy Code:  saltea1
Type Locality:  Waigiu.
Publish Year:  1894
IUCN Status:  


(Anatidae; Ϯ Salvadori's Duck S. waigiuensis) Adelardo Tommaso Conte Salvadori Paleotti (1835-1923) Italian ornithologist; "Salvadorina gen. nov. Anatidarum.  ...  General appearance singular, above black, barred with white. It seems difficult to state the nearest ally of this remarkable genus, but there is certainly no near ally among the few species of Anatidae known to inhabit New Guinea and the adjacent islands, and it resembles more some American genera. Its barred appearance reminds one of Nomonyx dominicus (Linn.) from Tropical America  ...  In the length of the tail the new genus resembles the South American Merganetta  ...  These likenesses, however, may be merely superficial, and it must be left to further investigations whether the genus Salvadorina should actually be placed near to these genera.  We take great pleasure in naming it after Count Tommaso Salvadori, as a remembrance of his great work on the birds of the Papuan region and on the Anatidae. This ornithologist, when he was shown the bird, at once recognised that our anticipation as to its being new was right. We choose to spell the name Salvadorina, because Salvadoria seemed too near to Salvadora and Salvatoria, both already existing names for genera in zoology, though not in ornithology.   Salvadorina waigiuensis sp. nov." (Rothschild & Hartert 1894); "Salvadorina Rothschild and Hartert, Nov. Zoöl., 1, 1894, p. 683. Type, by monotypy, Salvadorina waigiuensis Rothschild and Hartert." (Peters 1931, 1, 183).
Var. Salvdorina.

salvadori / salvadoriana / salvadorianus / salvadorii
Adelardo Tommaso Conte Salvadori Paleotti (1835-1923) Italian doctor, participated in Garibaldi’s second expedition to Sicily 1860, ornithologist at Museum of Zoology, Turin University 1863-1923 (syn. Acrochordopus burmeisteri, subsp. Aegotheles albertisii, syn. Amazilia cyanura, subsp. Argya caudata, syn. Bradypterus cinnamomeus, subsp. Caligavis subfrenata, subsp. Caprimulgus macrurus, syn. Casuarius casuarius, subsp. Chalcites crassirostris, syn. Chauna torquata, syn. Corvus orru, syn. Crateroscelis robusta, Cryptospiza, subsp. Dicaeum maugei, Ducula, subsp. Edolisoma morio, subsp. Eremomela icteropygialis, subsp. Eudynamys orientalis, syn. Gerygone sulphurea, subsp. Leptocoma aspasia, syn. Lichmera squamata, syn. Loriculus philippensis apicalis, subsp. Lorius lory, subsp. Lybius undatus, subsp. Merops philippinus, syn. Micropsitta pusio beccarii, syn. Nectarinia johnstoni nyikensis, syn. Nothocercus julius, subsp. Nothura darwinii, Onychognathus, subsp. Pachycephala hyperythra (ex Pachycephala sharpii Salvadori, 1896), syn. Papualestes cyanus subcyaneus, subsp. Paradisaea raggiana, syn. Pitohui kirhocephalus, syn. Platycercus icterotis, syn. Podiceps major, syn. Probosciger aterrimus goliath, syn. Psittacula derbiana, Psittaculirostris, subsp. Ptilinopus viridis, syn. Pycnonotus erythropthalmos, Salpornis, subsp. Sphecotheres vieilloti, syn. Spilornis cheela asturinus, subsp. Tanygnathus lucionensis, subsp. Tanysiptera sylvia, syn. Tregellasia leucops melanogenys, subsp. Treron calvus, subsp. Zenaida aurita, Zosterops) (see Soter).

waigeuense / waigeuensis / waigeunsis / waigiouensis / waigiuensis / waigoui
Waigiu I., Moluccas, Dutch New Guinea / Waigeu or Waigeo, Raja Ampat group, West Papua, Indonesia.