Snoring Rail / Aramidopsis plateni

Snoring Rail / Aramidopsis plateni

Snoring Rail

SCI Name:  Aramidopsis plateni
Protonym:  Rallus plateni Braunschw.Anz. [3 March] no.52
Taxonomy:  Gruiformes / Rallidae /
Taxonomy Code:  plarai1
Type Locality:  Rurukan, Celebes.
Publish Year:  1886
IUCN Status:  


(Rallidae; Ϯ Snoring Rail A. plateni) Genus Aramides Pucheran, 1845, wood rail; Gr. οψις opsis  appearance; "Dr. BOWDLER SHARPE exhibited the type specimen of Rallus plateni, which had been lent to him by Professor W. Blasius. This fine Wood-Rail had been discovered by the well-known traveller Dr. Platen, at Rurukau in Minahasa, W. Celebes.  It was singularly like Aramides in appearance and build, while the barring of the flanks recalled Hypotænidia. Its long bill proclaimed it to belong to the section of Rails which included Gymnocrex, Aramides, Megacrex, and Habroptila; but its closest ally was evidently the South-American Aramides, on which account Dr Sharpe proposed to call the genus  ARAMIDOPSIS, gen. n.  Genus simile generi "Aramides" dicto, sed rostro longiore et graciliore, ad basin hallucem haud æquante, et sulco nasali longius producto distinguendum.  Typus est Aramidopsis plateni (Blasius)." (Sharpe 1893); "Aramidopsis Sharpe, Bull. Brit. Orn. Club, vol. i. p. 54, 1893.  Type (by original designation): Rallus plateni Blas." (Mathews, 1927, Syst. Av. Austral., I, p. 86).

platenae / plateni
● Dr Carl Constantin Platen (1843-1899) German physician based at Amoy, China, collector in the East Indies (Aramidopsis, subsp. Cinnyris jugularis, Dasycrotapha, syn. Ninox mindorensis, subsp. Pachycephala cinerea, Prionochilus).
● Dr Margarete Platen née Geisler (fl. 1894) wife of German physician Dr Carl C. Platen (syn. Ceyx melanurus mindanensis, Ficedula, Gallicolumba, Prioniturus, Thapsinillas).