Swamp Francolin / Francolinus gularis

Swamp Francolin / Francolinus gularis

Swamp Francolin

SCI Name:  Francolinus gularis
Protonym:  Perdix gularis Hist.Nat.Pig.Gallin. 3 p.401,731
Taxonomy:  Galliformes / Phasianidae /
Taxonomy Code:  swafra1
Type Locality:  Vicinity of Calcutta.
Publish Year:  1815
IUCN Status:  


(Phasianidae; Ϯ Black Francolin F. francolinus) Specific name Tetrao Francolinus Linnaeus, 1766 (see francolinus); "Cuviers System.   ...   Colin, Coturnix, Perdix, Francolinus, Attagen, Lagopus" (Oken 1817); "FRANCOLINUS.  FRANCOLIN.   Generic CharacterBeak strong, middle sized, convex above, and incurved towards the tip.  Nostrils basal, lateral, half closed by a naked arched membrane.  Orbits warty. Tail elongated, consisting of twelve feathers.  Feet four-toed, naked; the tarsi of the male with two spurs or only one.  Wings short.  ...  THE Francolins are distinguished from the Partridges by the beak being longer and stronger: the tail is also longer: in the first division of the genus the tarsi of the males are armed with a single strong spur, and in the second with two, except in the last three species, which possess one spur and a hard callous tubercle, and have the throat and orbits naked. In the manners of the birds comprised in this genus there is a great dissimilarity to those of the following [Perdix]; these residing in damp places and perching upon trees, whereas the latter always rest upon the ground.   ...  LONG-BEAKED FRANCOLIN. (Francolinus longirostris.)  ...  COMMON FRANCOLIN. (Francolinus vulgaris.)  ...  PONDICHERRY FRANCOLIN. (Francolinus Pondicerianus.)  ...  THORACIC FRANCOLIN. (Francolinus thoracicus.)  ...  AFRICAN FRANCOLIN. (Francolinus Africanus.)  ...  PEARLED FRANCOLIN. (Francolinus perlatus.)  ...  NOISY FRANCOLIN. (Francolinus clamata.)  ...  BROWN AFRICAN FRANCOLIN. (Francolinus spadiceus.)  ...  SENEGAL FRANCOLIN. (Francolinus Senegalensis.)  ...  CEYLON FRANCOLIN. (Francolinus Ceylonensis.)  ...  CAPE FRANCOLIN. (Francolinus Capensis.)  ...  RED-NECKED FRANCOLIN. (Francolinus rubricollis.)  ...  CRANCH'S FRANCOLIN. (Francolinus Cranchii.)" (Stephens 1819): based on "Francolinus" of Brisson 1760, "Francolin" of various authors, and Tetrao Francolinus Linnaeus, 1766; "Francolinus Stephens, in Shaw's Gen. Zool., 11, pt. 2, 1819, p. 316. Type, by tautonymy, Francolinus vulgaris Stephens = Tetrao francolinus Linné." (Peters, 1934, II, p. 68).
Var. Francolenus.
Synon. Attagen, Limnocolinus, Mustoxydes, Ortygornis.

French name Francolin for a francolin < Italian Francolino little hen; “They are by the Italians called Francolini as it were Franci, that is, Free Fowl, because the common people are forbidden to take them, and Princes grant them freedom of living” (Ray 1678); ex “Francolin” of Gessner 1555, Olina 1622, de Tournefort 1717, and Edwards 1758, “Tetrao orientalis” of Hasselqvist 1757, and “Lagopus Francolinus” of Brisson 1760 (Francolinus).

gulare / gularis
Mod. L. gularis  of the throat, -throated, gular  < L. gula  throat.
● ex “Coucou Vulgaire d’Afrique” of Levaillant 1806, pl. 200 (Cuculus).
● ex “Gobe-mouche à gorge blanche” of Quoy & Gaimard 1830 (syn. Eopsaltria griseogularis).
ex “Petit Rolle Violet à Gorge Bleue” of Levaillant 1806 (Eurystomus).
● ex “Cardinal d’Amérique” of Brisson 1760 (Paroaria).
● ex “Colombi-Caille” of Levaillant 1810, pl. 283, and Columba hottentotta Temminck, 1813 (artefact).