Vitelline Warbler / Setophaga vitellina

Vitelline Warbler / Setophaga vitellina

Vitelline Warbler

SCI Name:  Setophaga vitellina
Protonym:  Dendroica vitellina Auk 3 p.497
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Parulidae /
Taxonomy Code:  vitwar1
Type Locality:  Grand Cayman Island.
Publish Year:  1886
IUCN Status:  


(Parulidae; Ϯ American Redstart S. ruticilla) Gr. σης sēs, σητος sētos  moth; -φαγος -phagos  -eating  < φαγειν phagein  to eat; "G. SETOPHAGA.  Sw. in Zool. Journ. No. 10.    17. Setophaga ruticilla.  Muscicapa ruticilla, Lin. mas.  M. flavicaudæ. Gm. fem. Maritime parts.   18. Setophaga miniata.  Cinereous, breast and body beneath vermilion; tail black, the lateral tail feathers partly white.  Table land: woods of Valadolid; rare, size of the last.   19. Setophaga rubra.  Entirely red, ear feathers of a silky whiteness. Inhabits the same woods, and is of the same size as the last." (Swainson 1827 (May)); "SETOPHAGA.  Rostrum parvum; culmine carinato. Alæ mediocres; remigibus 1ma et 4ta æqualibus, 2da et 3tia æqualibus, longissimis. Cauda sub-elongata, rotundata. Pedes graciles, tarsis squamis anterioribus divisis, lateralibus integris.  ...  Type. Muscicapa ruticilla. Linn.  ...  It represents, in the new world, the Australian genus Rhipidura" (Swainson 1827 (July)); "Setophaga Swainson, 1827 (May), Philos. Mag., new ser., 1, fasc. 5, p. 368. Type, by subsequent designation (Swainson, 1827 (July), Zool. Journ., 3, p. 360), Motacilla ruticilla Linnaeus." (Lowery & Monroe in Peters 1968, XIV, 33). Doubtless time will soften the dismay of birdwatchers caused by the absorption of Dendroica, Parula and Wilsonia into Setophaga.
Var. Cetophaga.   
Synon. Agreocantor, Azuria, Caeruleocantor, Chloris, Chrysocantor, Compsothlypis, Dendroica, Fruticantor, Lineocantor, Maculocantor, Myioctonus, Myiodioctes, Neodendroica, Parula, Perissoglossa, Piceacantor, Pinacantor, Ruticilla, Sylvania, Sylvicola, Sylviocantor, Sylviparus, Terracantor, Vireocantor, Wilsonia.

vitellina / vitellinus
Med. L. vitellinus  vitelline, deep yellow colour tinged red  < L. vitellus  yolk of an egg.


Vitelline Warbler (crawfordi)
SCI Name: Setophaga vitellina crawfordi
James Ludovic Lindsay 26th Earl of Crawford and 9th Earl of Balcarres (1847-1913) astronomer, collector, bibliophile (subsp. Butorides striata, syn. Gygis alba, subsp. Setophaga vitellina).

Vitelline Warbler (vitellina)
SCI Name: Setophaga vitellina vitellina
vitellina / vitellinus
Med. L. vitellinus  vitelline, deep yellow colour tinged red  < L. vitellus  yolk of an egg.

Vitelline Warbler (nelsoni)
SCI Name: Setophaga vitellina nelsoni
• Dr Edward William Nelson (1855-1934) US zoologist, collector in US and Mexico, President of AOU 1908, and Chief of US Biological Survey 1916-1927 (subsp. Agelaius phoeniceus, Ammospiza, syn. Antrostomus badius, subsp. Campephilus guatemalensis, subsp. Campylorhynchus megalopterus, subsp. Catharus frantzii, syn. Colinus virginianus insignis, subsp. Cyanocorax sanblasianus, syn. Dryobates pubescens medianus, subsp. Eupherusa eximia, Geothlypis, subsp. Habia rubica, subsp. Icterus cucullatus, subsp. Lagopus mutum, syn. Lanius ludovicianus mexicanus, syn. Larus vegae x L. hyperboreus hybrid, subsp. Lochmias nematura, syn. Myiarchus tyrannulus cooperi, syn. Nyctidromus albicollis yucatanensis, subsp. Onychoprion anaethetus, syn. Phaethornis striigularis subrufescens, subsp. Polioptila caerulea, subsp. Quiscalus mexicanus, subsp. Sialia mexicana, subsp. Sitta carolinensis, subsp. Tunchiornis ochraceicepsVireo (ex Vireo nanus Nelson, 1898)).
• George Nelson (1876-1962) US botanist, zoologist, photographer, taxidermist at MCZ, Harvard College 1901-1946 (Martin Schneider in litt.) (subsp. Setophaga vitellina).