White-browed Piculet / Sasia ochracea

White-browed Piculet / Sasia ochracea

White-browed Piculet

SCI Name:  Sasia ochracea
Protonym:  Sasia ochracea J.Asiat.Soc.Bengal 5(1836) p.778
Category:  Piciformes / Picidae /
Taxonomy Code:  whbpic3
Type Locality:  Nepal.
Publish Year:  1837
IUCN Status:  


(Picidae; Ϯ White-browed Piculet S. ochracea) Nepalese name Sasya for the White-browed Piculet; "Genus new; Sasia, nobis.  Sasya of Nipal.  Generic character. Bill equal to the head, conico-compressed, pointed and entire; the base furnished with tufts of hair as in Bucco.  ... Tail short, soft and square  ...  Feet three-toed, hind toe stoutest, sub-equal in length to outer fore; inner fore connected to first joint. Nails somewhat straightened and obtuse.  ...  Type, Sasia ochracea, nobis.   Species new. Ochracea; Ochreous red Sasia." (Hodgson 1836).
Var. Sesia, Saria.
Synon. Comeris, Dryaltes, Microcolaptes, Picumnoides.

(Scotocercidae; Ϯ Grey-bellied Tesia T. cyaniventer) Nepalese name Tisi for the Grey-bellied Tesia; "Aipunemia? Tesia, nobis; Tee-see of the Nipalese.   Bill shorter than the head, straight, and with the nares* perfectly Cincline. Wings very feeble, and quite round. Tail nearly obsolete. Rictus and capistrum smooth. Tarsi very high, slender, and quite smooth. Toes and nails meruline, slender, and compressed.   1st Species. Cyaniventer; blue-bellied, nobis.  ...  2nd Species.  Flaviventer; yellow-bellied, nobis.  ...  3rd Species. Albiventer, nobis.  ...  4th Species. Rufiventer, nobis.  ...  These little birds have a very strong muscular stomach, and feed on hard grass seeds and hard minute insects. They procure their food entirely on the ground, and live in woods exclusively.  ...   *In Aipunemia the covering of the nares is corneous: in Tesia, it is pure membrane. In the former, again, the tarsal scales are apparent; whilst in Tesia there is no trace of them" (Hodgson 1837); "Tesia Hodgson, 1837, Journ. Asiat. Soc. Bengal, 6, p. 101. Type, by subsequent designation (G. R. Gray, 1840, List Gen. Birds, p. 27), T. cyaniventris Hodgson = Tesia cyaniventer Hodgson." (Watson in Peters 1986, XI, 5).
Var. Sesia.
Synon. Anura, Microcercus, Pseudoxenicus.

Mod. L. ochraceus ochraceous, ochreous < L. ochra ochre < Gr. ωχρα ōkhra yellow-ochre.


White-browed Piculet (ochracea)
SCI Name: Sasia ochracea ochracea
Mod. L. ochraceus ochraceous, ochreous < L. ochra ochre < Gr. ωχρα ōkhra yellow-ochre.

White-browed Piculet (reichenowi)
SCI Name: Sasia ochracea reichenowi
reichenovi / reichenovii / reichenowi
Prof. Georg Anton Eugen Reichenow (1847-1941) German ornithologist (subsp. Aerodramus spodiopygius, Anthreptes, syn. Anthus spinolettaBatis, subsp. Bocagia minuta, syn. Chlorophoneus multicolor, Cinnyris, subsp. Cisticola brachypterus,  CrithagraCryptospiza, subsp. Dendropicos gabonensis, Drepanorhynchus, syn. Dryocopus martius, subsp. Edolisoma schisticeps, syn. Emberiza goslingi, syn. Galerida cristata arenicola, syn. Gymnoris pyrgita, syn. Illadopsis fulvescens (ex Turdinus rufiventris Reichenow, 1893), syn. Lagonosticta rubricata haematocephala, syn. Lanius collurio (ex Lanius affinis Fischer & Reichenow, 1884), subsp. Melaenornis chocolatinus, syn. Merops viridissimus, syn. Milvus migrans, syn. Myrmecocichla albifrons frontalis, subsp. Numida meleagris, syn. Onychognathus fulgidus hartlaubii, subsp. Oriolus larvatus, subsp. Pachycephala hyperythra, Pionus, Pitta, subsp. Ploceus baglafecht, subsp. Poicephalus meyeri, syn. Prodotiscus zambesiae ellenbecki, subsp. Psalidoprocne pristoptera, subsp. Pteroglossus bitorquatus, syn. Ptyonoprogne obsoleta, syn. Pycnonotus xanthopygos, subsp. Rhipidura dryas, subsp. Sarothrura elegans, subsp. Sasia ochracea, subsp. Schistolais leucopogon, Streptopelia, syn. Symposiachrus axillaris fallax, syn. Tachymarptis aequatorialis, subsp. Tauraco livingstonii, subsp. Trochocercus nitens, syn. Turdoides jardineii emini, subsp. Tychaedon leucosticta, syn. Urorhipis rufifrons rufidorsalis, subsp. Zosterops senegalensis).

White-browed Piculet (kinneari)
SCI Name: Sasia ochracea kinneari
Sir Norman Boyd Kinnear (1882-1957) British ornithologist at BMNH, Curator of Bombay Natural History Mus. 1907 (syn. Actinodura ramsayi yunnanensis, syn. Ammomanes cinctura arenicolor, subsp. Chloropsis moluccensis, subsp. Cinnyris hellmayri, subsp. Dendrocitta vagabunda, syn. Eremalauda dunni eremodites, subsp. Melidectes belfordi, subsp. Mixornis gularis, syn. Nannus troglodytes nipalensis, subsp. Sasia ochracea, subsp. Sitta carolinensis, Spelaeornis, subsp. Turnix maculosus).