White-cheeked Starling / Spodiopsar cineraceus

White-cheeked Starling / Spodiopsar cineraceus

White-cheeked Starling

SCI Name:  Spodiopsar cineraceus
Protonym:  Sturnus cineraceus Pl.Col. livr.94 pl.556
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Sturnidae /
Taxonomy Code:  whcsta1
Type Locality:  Japan.
Publish Year:  1835
IUCN Status:  


(Sturnidae; Ϯ Red-billed Starling S. sericeus) Gr. σποδιος spodios  ash-coloured  < σποδος spodos  ashes; ψαρ psar, ψαρος psaros  starling; "I regret to find that the name of "Poliopsar," which I proposed as a genus for the Indian and Chinese Starlings (Ibis, 1888, p. 476) is preoccupied by Cassin (Proc. Acad. Phil. 1867, p. 55). I propose therefore to change it to Spodiopsar, which will include the following species:— Spodiopsar cineraceus, S. colletti, S. sericeus, S. cambodianus, S. burmanicus, S. leucocephalus, S. andamanensis, S. erythropygius, S. malabaricus, S. nemoricola, and S. blythi." (Sharpe 1889).
Var. Opodiopsar.
Synon. Poliopsar.

cineracea / cineraceum / cineraceus
L. cineraceus  ash-grey  < cinis, cineris  ashes.
● ex “Cotinga cendré” of Levaillant 1801 (syn. Lipaugus vociferans).
● ex “Cinereous Godwit” of Pennant 1768, and Latham 1785 (syn. Tringa nebularia).