Yellow-browed Tyrant / Satrapa icterophrys

Yellow-browed Tyrant / Satrapa icterophrys

Yellow-browed Tyrant

SCI Name:  Satrapa icterophrys
Protonym:  Muscicapa icterophrys Nouv.Dict.Hist.Nat. 21 p.458
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Tyrannidae /
Taxonomy Code:  yebtyr2
Type Locality:  Paraguay.
Publish Year:  1818
IUCN Status:  


(Tyrannidae; Ϯ Yellow-browed Tyrant S. icterophrys) L. satrapa  satrap, Persian viceroy < Gr. σατραπης satrapēs  satrap  < Old Persian kšathra pāvan  country protector; "SUIRIRI? ICTEROPHRYS (Vieill.).  [Plate XII.]  Suiriri obscuro y amarillo , Azara.  Muscicapa icterophrys, Vieill.   ...   Of the numerous species of American birds which have been classed in the genera Tyrannula and Elania, and which exhibit much variety in the modifications of the beak, the present one has that organ the most elongate; indeed it approaches in form the beak of the Sylvicoline genus Myiodioctes, though the straight culmen, the comparatively short black tarsi, covered with seven or eight short scuta, the slender toes and sharp claws, show the true place of the bird to be among the Tyranninæ.  I had intended making this the type of a new genus, under the name of Satrapa (quasi a petty tyrant), but perceiving that M. D'Orbigny has included it in his genus Suiriri, I retain that generic name for the present." (Strickland 1844); "Satrapa Strickland, 1844, Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., 13, p. 414. Type, by original designation, "Suiriri? icterophrys (Vieill.)" = Muscicapa icterophrys Vieillot." (Traylor in Peters 1979, VIII, 183).  A suggested distinctive name for this, one of many tyrants, is Yellow-browed Satrap.
Synon. Sisopygis.

L. satrapa  satrap, Persian viceroy  < Gr. σατραπης satrapēs  satrap  < Old Persian ksathra pavan  country protector (cf. Med. L. satrapa minstrel).

Gr. ικτερος ikteros  jaundice-yellow; οφρυς ophrus, οφρυος ophruos  eyebrow, brow.
● ex “Suirirí obscuro y amarillo” of de Azara 1802-1805, no. 183 (Satrapa).