Yellow-shouldered Grosbeak / Parkerthraustes humeralis

Yellow-shouldered Grosbeak / Parkerthraustes humeralis

Yellow-shouldered Grosbeak

SCI Name:  Parkerthraustes humeralis
Protonym:  Pytilus (Caryothraustes) humeralis Ann.Lyc.Nat.Hist.N.Y. 8 p.467
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Thraupidae /
Taxonomy Code:  yesgro2
Type Locality:  Bogota, Colombia.
Publish Year:  1867
IUCN Status:  


(Thraupidae; Ϯ Yellow-shouldered Grosbeak P. humeralis) Portmanteau of surname Parker (after Theodore 'Ted' Albert Parker III (1953-1993) US field ornithologist) and genus Caryothraustes Reichenbach, 1850, grosbeak; "Parkerthraustes, new genus  Type species.- Pitylus humeralis Lawrence, 1867. ... The evidence for creation of  a new genus for humeralis is largely molecular and morphometric  ... I am pleased to name this genus in honor of my friend and colleague, the late Theodore A. Parker III. Long ago Ted pointed out to me the distinctive nature of this species and how different it was behaviorally from true Caryothraustes. Its generic separation symbolizes one of Ted's favorite themes, namely the importance of detailed natural history observations and the clues that they provide for elucidating the systematic relationships of birds" (J. V. Remsen, Jr. 1997).

Late L. humeralis  of the shoulders  < L. umerus  shoulders.
● ex “Perruche Banks” of Levaillant 1801 (syn. Lathamus discolor).
● ex “Fringilla humeralis” of Lichtenstein MS (Peucaea).
● ex “Waalia Pigeon” of Bruce 1790 (syn. Treron waalia).