Abbott’s Booby / Papasula abbotti

Abbott\'s Booby / Papasula abbotti

Abbott's Booby

SCI Name:  Papasula abbotti
Protonym:  Sula abbotti Proc.U.S.Natl.Mus. 16 p.599
Taxonomy:  Suliformes / Sulidae /
Taxonomy Code:  abbboo2
Type Locality:  Assumption Island.
Publish Year:  1893
IUCN Status:  


(Sulidae; Ϯ Abbott's Booby P. abbotti) Gr. παπας papas  father; genus Sula Brisson 1760, booby; “Our studies of the osteology of the Sulidae confirm the distinctiveness of Sula abbotti and show it to be the primitive sister-group of all the remaining Sulidae.  ...  We propose the name Papasula genus nov.   Type species. Sula abbotti Ridgway 1893, the only included species as yet.  ...  Etymology. Greek papas, father, plus sula, the type genus of Sulidae. The name refers both to the patronym of the type species (abbot, from Hebrew, abba, father) and to the fact that this genus represents an ancient lineage in the family” (Olson & Warheit 1988).

● Dr William Louis Abbott (1860-1936) US surgeon, explorer, ethnologist, naturalist who collected widely around the world 1883-1923 (syn. Brachypodius atriceps baweanus, syn. Butorides striata javanica, subsp. Cacatua sulphurea, ‡subsp. Calyptophilus frugivorusCelebesica, syn. Chlorophoneus multicolor, subsp. Cinnyris souimanga, syn. Coccyzus minor, subsp. Cyanecula svecica, ‡subsp. Dryolimnas cuvieri, syn. Hirundo tahitica javanica, subsp. Hypothymis azurea, syn. Kittacincla malabarica tricolor, syn. Lybius leucocephalus albicauda, subsp. Megapodius nicobariensis, subsp. Nesoctites micromegas, subsp. Nyctibius jamaicensis, Papasula, syn. Phodilus badius, subsp. Pitta sordida, subsp. Psittacula alexandri, Psittinus, subsp. Spilornis cheela, syn. Streptopelia picturata rostrata, subsp. Threskiornis bernieri, syn. Treron vernans).
● Lt.-Col. John Richard Abbott (1811-1888) British Army, Assistant-Commissioner of the Arakan, Burma 1837-1845 (Malacocincla).
● Dr Charles Greeley Abbott (1872-1973) US astrophysicist, solar researcher, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution 1928-1944, Secretary Emeritus 1944-1973 (syn. Tychaedon coryphoeus).