American Golden-Plover / Pluvialis dominica

American Golden-Plover / Pluvialis dominica

American Golden-Plover

SCI Name:  Pluvialis dominica
Protonym:  Charadrius Dominicius Natursyst.Suppl. Suppl. p.116
Category:  Charadriiformes / Charadriidae /
Taxonomy Code:  amgplo
Type Locality:  Hispaniola.
Publish Year:  1776
IUCN Status:  


(Pluvialidae; Ϯ Eurasian Golden Plover P. apricaria) Specific name Charadrius pluvialis Linnaeus, 1758 (= syn. Pluvialis apricaria); "Pluvialis. Genus 69.  ...  Le genre du Pluvier.  Genus Pluvialis.  ...  **1. LE PLUVIER DORÉ.  ...  PLUVIALIS AUREA." (Brisson 1760): based on "Pluvialis" and "Pardalus" of many authors, and Charadrius Pluvialis Linnaeus, 1758; "Pluvialis Brisson, Orn., 1760, 1, p. 46; 5, p. 42. Type, by tautonymy, Pluvialis aurea Brisson = Charadrius pluvialis Linné = Charadrius apricarius Linné." (Peters 1934, II, 244).
Synon. Squatarola.

L. pluvialis  relating to rain  < pluvia  rain  < pluere  to rain.
● ex “Old Man” or “Rainbird” of Sloane 1725, “Cuculus Jamaicensis” of Brisson 1760, “Vieillard” or “Oiseau de pluie” of de Buffon 1770-1783, and “Rain Cuckow” of Latham 1782 (Hyetornis).
● “Linnaeus attended Rudbeck’s lectures about ornithology in 1728-29 and his lecture notes are extant. About Pluvialis minor nigroflavus (= Pluvialis apricaria) he wrote: “Regnpipare ty emot regn skockas de och pipa” (They are called regnpipare because they flock together and call before rain). The obsolete Swedish name “Regnpipare” means literally “rain-caller” ” (Tommy Tyrberg in litt.); "79. CHARADRIUS.  ...  Pluvialis.  8. C. pedibus cinereis, corpore nigro viridique maculato, subtus albido. Fn. svec. 157.  Pluvialis viridis. Will. orn. 229. t. 57. Raj. av. 111. Sloan. jam. 2. p. 113. t. 269. f. 1. Alb. av. I. p. 71. t. 75.  Habitat in Europa." (Linnaeus 1758) (syn. Pluvialis apricaria).

Santo Domingo or San Domingo (= Hispaniola), West Indies (named after Santo Domingo or St. Dominic).
● ex "Pluvier doré de Saint-Domingue" of Brisson 1760 (Pluvialis).
● "114. MOTACILLA.  ...  dominica.  26. M. cinerea, subtus alba, macula ante oculos lutea, pone alba, infra nigra.  Ficedula dominicensis cinerea. Briss. av. 3. p. 520. t. 27. f. 3.  Muscicapa e cæruleo cinereo fusco luteo varia. Sloan. jam. 2. p. 310. Raj. av. 186.  Habitat in Jamaica, Dominica.  Fascia alarum duplex alba. Gula nigra." (Linnaeus 1766) (Setophaga).

(Parulidae; syn. Setophaga  Myrtle Warbler S. coronata) Gr. δενδρον dendron  tree; οικος oikos  dwelling  < οικεω oikeō  to inhabit; "APPENDIX  ...  Page 32.  ...  Sylvicola, erase the date, and alter the generic name to DENDROICA, G. R. Gray (1842); the type would be D. coronata (L.), G. R. Gray, &c.    Parula must give place to SYLVICOLA, Swains. (1827); and the type altered to S. americana (L.), Swains." (G. R. Gray 1842); "Dendroica G. R. Gray, Appendix List Gen. Bds., p. 8, 1842—type, by orig. desig., Motacilla coronata Linnaeus." (Hellmayr, 1935, Cat. Birds Americas, Pt. VIII, p. 362).  To the sorrow of many birders, the distinctive name of this group of warblers was buried, together with other familiar names, in an over-arching Setophaga.
Var. Dendroeca, Dendraeca, Dendroecetes, Dominica.