Araripe Manakin / Antilophia bokermanni

Araripe Manakin / Antilophia bokermanni

Araripe Manakin

SCI Name:  Antilophia bokermanni
Protonym:  Antilophia bokermanni Ararajuba 6 p.81-84
Category:  Passeriformes / Pipridae /
Taxonomy Code:  araman1
Type Locality:  
Publish Year:  1998
IUCN Status:  


(Pipridae; Ϯ Helmeted Manakin A. galeata) L. antiae  hair growing on the forehead, forelock  < ante (old form anti)  before; Gr. λοφιον lophion  small crest  < dim. λοφος lophos  crest.  Reichenbach's 1850, plate LXIII, labelled Motac. Parinae: Piprinae, shows the luxurious frontal crest of the Helmeted Manakin sweeping forward over the bill; "Antilophia Reichenbach, 1850, Avium Syst. Nat., pl. 63. Type, by monotypy, Pipra galeata Lichtenstein." (Snow in Peters, 1979, VIII, p. 254).
Synon. Metopia

Prof. Werner Carlos Augusto Bokermann (1929-1995) Brazilian herpetologist (Antilophia).