Bahama Woodstar / Nesophlox evelynae

Bahama Woodstar / Nesophlox evelynae

Bahama Woodstar

SCI Name:  Nesophlox evelynae
Protonym:  Trochilus Evelynae Proc.Zool.Soc.London Pt15 no.171 p.44
Taxonomy:  Caprimulgiformes / Trochilidae /
Taxonomy Code:  bahwoo
Type Locality:  Nassau, New Providence Id., Bahamas.
Publish Year:  1847
IUCN Status:  


(Trochilidae; Ϯ Bahama Woodstar N. evelynae) Gr. νησος nēsos  island (= Bahama Is.); φλοξ phlox, φλογος phlogos  flame, fire; "Nesophlox gen. nov. (Trochilidæ).  Type. — Trochilus evelynæ Bourcier.  Similar to Calliphlox Boie, but wing relatively much larger, with outer-most primary not attenuated terminally; adult males with lateral rectrices broadly edged with rufous on inner webs, and adult females with tail more than half as long as wing.  (νησος, island; φλοξ, a flame.)" (Ridgway 1910).

Female eponym: dedicatee not yet identified; "TROCH. EVELYNÆ.  Troch. d'Evelyn.  ...  Hab. Nassau, New Providence, rapporté par M. Swainson.  Rem.—Cet oiseau se rapproche par sa taille et ses couleurs à l'Ornismya Elisa de Less." (Bourcier 1847, Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 15, 44); perhaps after a relation of the trochilidist George Loddiges (e.g. his grand-daughter Evelyn (b. 1844)) (Nesophlox).