Bali Myna / Leucopsar rothschildi

Bali Myna / Leucopsar rothschildi

Bali Myna

SCI Name:  Leucopsar rothschildi
Protonym:  Leucopsar rothschildi Bull.Br.Orn.Club 31 p.4
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Sturnidae /
Taxonomy Code:  balmyn1
Type Locality:  Bubunan, north coast of Bali.
Publish Year:  1912
IUCN Status:  


(Sturnidae; Ϯ Bali Myna L. rothschildi) Gr. λευκος leukos  white; ψαρ psar, ψαρος psaros  starling; "LEUCOPSAR, gen. n.  (Sturnidæ).  Structurally nearest to Gracupica Lesson, but with the bill differently shaped.  Upper mandible with sharp, high, straight culmen, bent downwards near the tip.  Nostrils completely covered by short bristles.  Præorbital, post-orbital, and superciliary regions bare.  Feathers of the occiput much elongated, forming a pendent crest.    LEUCOPSAR ROTHSCHILDI, sp. n.  Adult female. Pure white; a terminal black bar, 25 mm wide, to all the rectrices.  Primaries, including the first rudimentary one, with a black tip, increasing in width towards the middle.  Iris dark brown; bill dirty brownish-yellow, base of the lower mandible blackish-grey; bare orbital region dark blue; feet light grey.   ...   Hab. Island of Bali.   ...   Obs. I have named this remarkable new Starling in honour of the Hon. Walter Rothschild, in whose magnificent Museum I have had the privilege of working out my collections from the Eastern Archipelago." (Stresemann 1912); "Leucopsar Stresemann, 1912, Bull. Brit. Orn. Cl., 31, p. 4. Type, by monotypy, Leucopsar rothschildi Stresemann." (Amadon in Peters 1962, XV, 112).

● Lionel Walter 2nd Baron Rothschild of Tring (1868-1937) English ornithologist (syn. Amazona barbadensis, subsp. Arachnothera longirostra, Astrapia, Bangsia, subsp. Bostrychia olivacea, subsp. Buteo buteo, syn. Camaroptera superciliaris, syn. Casuarius unappendiculatus, subsp. Charmosyna pulchella, syn. Cochoa viridis, CrithagraCypseloides, syn. Daphoenositta chrysoptera striata, syn. Diomedea exulans, syn. Diphyllodes magnificus, syn. Eos bornea, subsp. Fregata magnificens, subsp. Geospiza scandens, subsp. Geotrygon saphirina, syn. Granatina ianthinogaster, syn. Gygis alba candida, Heliangelus x Eriocnemis, syn. Hemitriccus zosterops, subsp. Heteromyias armiti, syn. Irediparra gallinaceaLeucopsar, syn. Micropsitta pusio, subsp. Muscicapa sibirica, subsp. Nucifraga caryocatactes, ‡syn. Pachyornis elephantopus, syn. Phaethon rubricauda, syn. Phalacrocorax onslowi, subsp. Phasianus colchicus, syn. Pitta sordida, subsp. Pomatorhinus superciliaris, subsp. Psilopogon lagrandieri, syn. Rhea americana albescens, syn. Rhea americana intermedia, syn. Sericulus chrysocephalus, subsp. Serilophus lunatus, syn. Stipiturus malachurus westernensis, syn. Sylvia melanocephala momus, syn. Tanysiptera nympha, subsp. Zosterops minor) (see rothschildii).
● Maurice Edmond Charles Baron de Rothschild (1881-1957) French politician, art collector, big-game hunter, patron of the arts, Senator 1929-1945 (syn. Anthoscopus sylviella, syn. Campephaga phoenicea, syn. Columba iriditorques, syn. Euplectes hordeaceus craspedopterus, subsp. Hirundo lucida, syn. Laniarius funebris, syn. Pyrenestes ostrinus).