Bay-breasted Cuckoo / Coccyzus rufigularis

Bay-breasted Cuckoo / Coccyzus rufigularis

Bay-breasted Cuckoo

SCI Name:  Coccyzus rufigularis
Protonym:  Coccyzus rufigularis Naumannia 2 Heft2 p.55
Taxonomy:  Cuculiformes / Cuculidae /
Taxonomy Code:  babcuc4
Type Locality:  Mountain forests of Spanish Santo Domingo i.e. Dominican Republic.
Publish Year:  1852
IUCN Status:  


(Cuculidae; Ϯ Yellow-billed Cuckoo C. americanus) Gr. κοκκυζω kokkuzō  to cry cuckoo  < κοκκυ kokku  cuckoo! the bird’s cry; “Coccyzus, said to be a misprint for Coccygus (Boie, Isis, 1826) as if the genitive of κόκκυζ, κόκκυγος. But it is probably a false latinizing of κοκκύζων = crying “Cuckoo””(BOU 1915); "40. COULICOU, Coccyzus.  Cuculus, Linn. Gm. Lath.  Bec alongé, épais à la base, long, entier, convexe en dessus, arqué, comprimé par les côtés.— Tarses plus longs que le doigt le plus long.— Ailes courtes, arrondies.   Esp. Coucou de la Caroline, Buff." (Vieillot 1816); "Coccyzus Vieillot, Analyse, 1816, p. 28. Type, by monotypy, "Coucou de la Caroline" Buffon = Cuculus americanus Linné." (Peters, 1940, IV, p. 41).
Var. Coccycus, Coccygon, Coccygus, CoccyziusCoccizus, Cocizus, Coccysus.   
Synon. Coccystes, CoccyzonCureus, Erythrophrys, Hyetomantis, Hyetornis, Nesococcyx, Ptiloleptis, Saurothera, Vetula.
• (Cuculidae; syn. Coua † Snail-eating Coua C. delalandei) Perhaps from L. coclea  snail; Gr. ζαω  zaō  to live (see Cochlothraustes); "XXVI.Genre.  COUA ou COULICOU; Coccyzus, Vieill.   ...   1. COUA DELALANDE; Coccyzus Delalandi, Temm., pl. 440  ...   2. COUA DE GEOFFROY; Coccyzus Geoffroyi, Temm., pl. 7.   ...   3. COUA TAITSOU; Coccyzus cæruleus, Vieill., Gal., pl. 41.   ...   4. COUA HUPPÉ; Coccyzus cristatus, Cuv., Enl. 589." (Lesson 1831); "Coccyzus "Vieill." Lesson, 1831, Traité d'Ornithologie, p. 138 (not of Vieillot, 1816).  Type, by subsequent designation (Cabanis and Heine, 1862, Museum Heineanum, IV (1), p. 74), Coccyzus delalandi, i.e. Coccycus delalandei Temminck, 1827." (JAJ 2021).

rufigulare / rufigularis
L. rufus red, rufous; Mod. L. gularis throated < L. gula throat.
● ex “Orange-breasted Hobby” of Latham 1781 (Falco).