Short-billed Honeycreeper / Cyanerpes nitidus

Short-billed Honeycreeper / Cyanerpes nitidus

Short-billed Honeycreeper

SCI Name:  Cyanerpes nitidus
Protonym:  Coereba nitida Rev.Zool. 10 p.84
Taxonomy:  Passeriformes / Thraupidae /
Taxonomy Code:  shbhon2
Type Locality:  du nord du Perou.
Publish Year:  1847
IUCN Status:  


(Thraupidae; Red-legged Honeycreeper C. cyaneus) Gr. κυανος kuanos  dark-blue; ἑρπης  herpēs  creeper  <   ἑρπω herpō  to crawl; the Red-legged Honeycreeper was for long included in the “Coerebidae,” a hotch-potch group of  “honeycreepers" now known to be unrelated; "This very homogeneous group of Cœrebidæ has by some authors been called Cœreba, by some Caereba, by others Arbelorhina, but unfortunately none of these names is properly applicable to the genus.  As Mr. Ridgway has already shown [1887] the name Cœreba Vieillot [1807] can not be used for this group, since the only recognized species mentioned in the original diagnosis is Certhia flaveola Linn., which must therefore necessarily be the type; the term Cœreba thus supplanting the more recent Certhiola Sundevall.  Caereba of Vigors [1825] is merely an emendation, accidental or otherwise, of Vieillot's Cœreba, and therefore identical in application.  Arbelorhina was proposed by Cabanis [1847] simply to replace Cæreba,—"Den regelwidrigen Namen Caereba haben wir in Arbelorhina umgeändert."  That the same author subsequently sought [1850] to restrict Arbelorhina to the group at present under consideration can, of course, not in the least alter the case, and Arbelorhina must be considered a strict synonym of  Cœreba.  As this disposition leaves the Blue Creepers without a generic name6, it is proposed that they be called  Cyanerpes,7 gen. nov.  ... Type, Certhia cyanea Linnæus.  CHARS. GEN. — Genus generi 'Chlorophanes' dicto similis, sed rostro multo graciliore et magis incurvato dignoscendum.   ...   6 Guitus Rafinesque, Analyse, 1815, 68, is a nomen nudum.   7 κυανος = cyaneus, + ρπης." (Oberholser 1899); "Cyanerpes Oberholser, 1899, Auk 16: 32.  Type, by original designation, Certhia cyanea Linnaeus." (AOU Checklist, 7th ed., 1998, p. 590).  

nitidum / nitidus
L. nitidus  brilliant, glittering  < nitere  to shine (cf. Med. L. nitidus  fresh).