Black-hooded Coucal / Centropus steerii

Black-hooded Coucal / Centropus steerii

Black-hooded Coucal

SCI Name:  Centropus steerii
Protonym:  Centropus steerii Occ.Pap.MinnesotaAcad.Nat.Sci. 1 no.1 p.14
Taxonomy:  Cuculiformes / Cuculidae /
Taxonomy Code:  blhcou1
Type Locality:  Mindoro, Philippine Islands.
Publish Year:  1894
IUCN Status:  


(Cuculidae; Ϯ Senegal Coucal C. senegalensis) Gr. κεντρον kentron  spur, spike; πους pous, ποδος podos  foot; "This genus is distinguished from all other members of the family by having on the hallux a long nearly straight hind claw, very much like a Lark's." (Blanford 1895).  The coucals were formerly known as 'lark-heeled cuckoos.'  The substantive 'Coucal' is derived from French Coucou  cuckoo, and Alouette  lark; "GENUS 13. CENTROPUS (κεντρον stimulus, calcar  πους pes) (Spornfuß Germ.) Rostrum capiti brevius, incurvum, valde compressum, grypanium.  Tomia integerrima.  Nares plumis recumbentibus tectae.  Lingua . . .  Cauda gradata, elongata.  Pedes scansorii, congrui. Digiti externi internis longiores, antici fissi, posticorum externus versatilis? Ungues incurvi, posticus internus reliquis aliquantum longior, retiusculus, subulatus.  Species: Cuculus Aegyptius, Tolu LinGmel." (Illiger 1811); "Centropus Illiger, Prodromus, 1811, p. 205. Type, by subsequent designation, Cuculus aegyptius Gmelin. (G. R. Gray, List Gen. Bds., 1840, p. 56.)" (Peters, 1940, IV, p. 66). 
Var. Certropus, Certtopus, Centrophus
Synon. Anacentropus, Centrococcyx, Corydonyx, Grillia, Huhus, Megacentropus, Nesocentor, Nisus, Onixylus, Polophilus, Pyrrhocentor, Toulou.

steerei / steerii
Prof. Joseph Beal Steere (1842-1940) US ornithologist, zoologist, palaeontologist, anthropologist, explorer, collector in Brazil, Peru and Ecuador 1870-1873, 1901, Taiwan 1873-1874, the Philippines and Moluccas 1874-1875, 1887-1888 (Centropus, syn. Ceyx cyanopectus,  Eubucco, Liocichla, Oriolus, syn. Otus manadensis, Pernis, Pitta, subsp. Pyrrhula leucogenis, Sarcophanops).