White-rumped Vulture / Gyps bengalensis

White-rumped Vulture / Gyps bengalensis

White-rumped Vulture

SCI Name:  Gyps bengalensis
Protonym:  Vultur bengalensis Syst.Nat. 1 pt1 p.245
Taxonomy:  Accipitriformes / Accipitridae /
Taxonomy Code:  whrvul1
Type Locality:  Bengal.
Publish Year:  1788
IUCN Status:  


(Accipitridae; Ϯ Griffon Vulture G. fulvus) Gr. γυψ gups, γυπος gupos  vulture; "1. GYPS.  Bec gros: cire compacte: narines simples, transverses; langue bordée d'aiguillons; quatorze rectrices.  ...  GENRE 1, GYPS.  ...  ESPÈCE.  1. GYPS vulgaris.  Le Griffon." (de Savigny 1809): based on γυψ or vultur of all the ancient authors, and Vultur fulvus Gmelin; "Gyps Savigny, Descr. Égypte, Ois. 1, 1809, p. 68, 71. Type, by monotypy, Gyps vulgaris Savigny = Vultur fulvus Hablizl." (Peters, 1931, I, p. 261).
Var. Cyps.
Synon. Pseudogyps.

Gr. γυψ gups, γυπος gupos  vulture (syn. Gyps coprotheres).

Bengal, India (from local name Bangala). Historically, Bengal comprised the greater part of northern India.
● ex “Little Indian Kingfisher” of Edwards 1743, “Ispida Bengalensis” of Brisson 1760, “Martin-pêcheur de Bengale” of de Buffon 1770-1783, and “Indian Kingsfisher” of Latham 1782 (subsp. Alcedo atthis).
● ex “Lark-heeled Cuckow” of Brown 1776, and Latham 1782 (Centropus).
● ex “Bengal Vulture” of Latham 1781 (Gyps).
● ex “Indian Bustard” of Edwards 1758, and Latham 1783, “Pluvialis bengalensis major” of Brisson 1760, and “Churge” or “Outarde moyenne des Indes” of de Buffon 1770-1783 (Houbaropsis).