Blue Quail / Synoicus adansonii

Blue Quail / Synoicus adansonii

Blue Quail

SCI Name:  Synoicus adansonii
Protonym:  Coturnix Adansonii Rev.Mag.Zool.(2), 3 p.515
Taxonomy:  Galliformes / Phasianidae /
Taxonomy Code:  bluqua1
Type Locality:  Gaboon.
Publish Year:  1851
IUCN Status:  


(Phasianidae; Ϯ Brown Quail S. ypsilophorus australis) Gr. συνοικος sunoikos  living together  < συν sun  together; οικος oikos  dwelling  < οικεω oikeō  to inhabit; "SYNOICUS AUSTRALIS. Australian Partridge.  ...  Moo-réete, Aborigines of the lowland districts of Western Australia.  Brown Quail, Colonists of Swan River and Van Diemen's Land.  ...   Its call is very similar to that of the Common Partridge, and like that bird it is found in coveys of from ten to eighteen in number, which simultaneously rise from the ground and pitch again within a hundred yards of the spot whence they rose. It sits so close, that it will often admit of being nearly trodden upon before it will rise." (Gould 1843); "Synoicus Gould, Bds. Austr., pt. 12, 1843, pl. [13], (= 5, pl. 89.) Type, by monotypy, Perdix australis Latham." (Peters 1934, II, 94).
Var. Synaecus, Synoecus, Syonicus.
Synon. Excalfactoria, Ypsilophorus.

Mt. Sinai, Egypt (pace Cabard & Chauvet 2003, “du grec sunoikos (qui vit dans la même maison, inséparable”) (Carpodacus).

adansoni / adansonii
Michel Adanson (1727-1806) French naturalist, botanist, collector in Senegal 1748-1753 (?Merops artefact: ex “Guêpier à longue queue du Sénégal” of d’Aubenton 1765-1781, pl. 314, and "Guêpier Adanson" of Levaillant 1807, pl. 13), syn. Pternistis bicalcaratus,  Synoicus).