Campbell Islands Teal / Anas nesiotis

Campbell Islands Teal / Anas nesiotis

Campbell Islands Teal

SCI Name:  Anas nesiotis
Protonym:  Xenonetta nesiotis Occ.Pap.R.OntarioMus.Zool. no.1 p.1
Taxonomy:  Anseriformes / Anatidae /
Taxonomy Code:  caitea1
Type Locality:  Campbell Island.
Publish Year:  1935
IUCN Status:  


(Anatidae; Ϯ Mallard A. platyrhynchos) L. anas, anatis  duck.  The Mallard is the wild ancestor of the farmyard duck and its many domesticated forms; "61. ANAS.  Rostrum lamelloso-dentatum, convexum, obtusum.  Lingua ciliata, obtusa." (Linnaeus 1758); "Anas Linnaeus, 1758, Syst. Nat., ed. 10, p. 122. Type, by subsequent designation (Lesson, 1828, Man. Ornith., 2, p. 417), Anas boschas Linnaeus = Anas platyrhynchos Linnaeus." (Johnsgard in Peters, 1979, I, ed. 2, p. 460).  Linnaeus's Anas comprised thirty-nine species (A. Cygnus, A. Cygnoid, A. Tadorna, A. spectabilis, A. fusca, A. nigra, A. Anser, A. erythropus, A. canadensis, A. cærulescens, A. Bernicla, A. mollissima, A. moschata, A. bahamensis, A. Albeola, A. clypeata, A. platyrhynchos, A. strepera, A. bucephala, A. Clangula, A. rustica, A. perspicillata, A. Glaucion, A. Penelope, A. acuta, A. hyemalis, A. ferina, A. Querquedula, A. Crecca, A. histrionica, A. minuta, A. Circia, A. autumnalis, A. Boschas, A. adunca, A. galericulata, A. Sponsa, A. arborea, A. Fuligula).    
Var. Annas, AnosAnus, Asnas.   
Synon. Aethiopinetta, Afranas, Aldabranas, Archeoquerquedula, Boschas, Crecca, Dafila, Dafilonettion, Dafilula, Elasmonetta, Horizonetta, Melananas, Micronetta, Nesonetta, Nettion, Notonetta, Pachyanas, Paecilonitta, Phasianurus, Philippinetta, Polionetta, Trachelonetta, Virago, Xenonetta.

Gr. νησιωτης nēsiōtēs  islander  < νησος nēsos  island.
● The Campbell Island Teal is confined to one small island of the Campbell Is. group south of New Zealand. Marchant & Higgins 1990, assumed the name to be a compound of Gr. νησιον nēsion islet, and ωτις ōtis eared (i.e. the island form of Anas chlorotis). No etymology is given in the original description (J. Fleming 1935), and the name could also be construed a compound of the specific combinations Nesonetta aucklandica, Auckland Island Teal, and Elasmonetta chlorotis, Brown Teal, with which species A. nesiotis was directly compared (Anas).
● “The name ‘Island-hen’ given to this bird by the inhabitants of Tristan d’Acunha has suggested to me the specific name nesiotis” (P. Sclater 1861) (‡Porphyriornis).