Common Pochard / Aythya ferina

Common Pochard / Aythya ferina

Common Pochard

SCI Name:  Aythya ferina
Protonym:  Anas ferina Syst.Nat.ed.10 p.126
Taxonomy:  Anseriformes / Anatidae /
Taxonomy Code:  compoc
Type Locality:  Europe; restricted to Sweden by Linnaeus, 1761, Fauna Svecica, ed. 2, p. 45.
Publish Year:  1758
IUCN Status:  


(Anatidae; Ϯ Greater Scaup A. marila) Gr. αιθυια aithuia  unidentified seabird mentioned by Aristotle, Hesychius, and other authors. In modern times associated with a variety of seabirds, including a shearwater, a cormorant, a duck, and an auk (cf. Gr. myth. Thyr or Thyrie, mother of Cygnus, who was changed into a waterbird); "130. Aythya marila. — Anas marila Lin." (Boie 1822); "Aythya Boie, 1822, (before May), Tagebuch Reise Norwegen, p. 351. Type, by monotypy, Anas marila Linnaeus." (Johnsgard in Peters, 1979, I, ed. 2, p. 482).   
Var. Aethyia, Aethyja, Aithyia, Aithya.   
Synon. Aristonetta, Dyseonetta, Fuligula, Fulix, Glaucium, Hydrobates, Ilyonetta, Marila, Nettarion, Nyroca, Penelope, Perissonetta, Zeafulix.

L. ferinus  wild, game < ferus wild; "61. ANAS.  ...  ferina.  27. A. alis cinereis immaculatis, uropygio nigro. Faun. svec. 107.  Anas fera fusca. Gesn. av. 116. Aldr. orn. l. 19. c. 40. Will. orn. 288. t. 72. Raj. av. 143. Alb. av. 2. p. 87. t. 98.  Habitat in Europæ maritimis." (Linnaeus 1758) (Aythya).