Cape Verde Shearwater / Calonectris edwardsii

Cape Verde Shearwater / Calonectris edwardsii

Cape Verde Shearwater

SCI Name:  Calonectris edwardsii
Protonym:  Puffinus Edwardsii Ann.Sci.Nat.Zool.(6), 16 art.5 p.1
Taxonomy:  Procellariiformes / Procellariidae /
Taxonomy Code:  cavshe1
Type Locality:  Branco, Cape Verde Islands.
Publish Year:  1883
IUCN Status:  


(Procellariidae; Ϯ Streaked Shearwater C. leucomelas) Gr. καλος kalos  noble, good; genus Nectris Kuhl, 1820, shearwater; "Genus Calonectris, nov.  leucomelas (Temminck).  kuhli (Boie).  ...  Genus CALONECTRIS, nov.  We propose this genus-name for Puffinus leucomelas Temminck, which differs in coloration from every other member of the group. In its large size it comes near the genus Ardenna, and was placed under this genus by Mathews in his List of the Birds of Australia. Though agreeing fairly well in bill-characters with Ardenna, it differs in the structure of the legs and feet. Ardenna agrees, in having the tarsus very much compressed, with Puffinus sensu lat. Calonectris has the tarsus comparatively little compressed, and this feature is only shared with it by the species kuhli, which we temporarily associate with it." (Mathews & Iredale 1915); "Calonectris Mathews and Iredale, Ibis, 1915, p. 590, 592. Type, by original designation, Procellaria leucomelas Temminck." (Peters, 1931, I, p. 53).

eduardi / edward / edwardi / edwardii / edwardsi / edwardsii
● Prof. Alphonse Milne-Edwards (1835-1900) French zoologist (‡Alectoris, syn. Casuarius bennetti westermanniLophura, syn. Porphyrio poliocephalus viridis).
● Edward Wilson (1808-1888) British naturalist, trochilidist, High Sheriff of Pembrokeshire (Amazilia).
● Prof. Henri Milne Edwards (1800-1885) French zoologist, father of Alphonse Milne-Edwards (syn. Ardeotis nigriceps, Bangsia, Calonectris, Carpodacus, syn. Nilaus aferPsittaculirostris).
● George Edwards (1694-1773) English traveller, naturalist, painter (syn. Anser caerulescens (ex "Blue-Winged Goose" of Edwards 1750) (Laurent Raty in litt.), syn. Crax rubra (ex “Curasso-Bird” of Edwards 1760), syn. Euplectes orix (ex "Grenadier" of Edwards 1751), ?syn. Limosa haemastica (ex "White Godwit from Hudson's Bay" of Edwards 1750), syn. Loriculus beryllinus, syn. Manacus manacus (ex “Black-capped Manakin” of Edwards 1758, and “Manakin à tête noire de Cayenne” of d’Aubenton 1765-1781, pl. 303, fig. 1), syn. Neophema pulchella (ex “Perruche Edwards” of Levaillant 1801), syn. Phaethon lepturus catesbyi (ex “Tropick Bird” of Edwards 1750)).
● Dr Ernest Preston Edwards (1919-2011) US ornithologist, collector (syn. Dactylortyx thoracicus chiapensis).
● Edward Prince of Wales (1894-1972) later Edward VIII (reigned 1936, abdicated) and Duke of Windsor (subsp. Menura novaehollandiae).
Edward Charles Migdalski (1918-2009) US ichthyologist, collector, explorer, sportsman (syn. Spilopelia chinensis suratensis).
Edward Charles Stuart Baker (1864-1944) British ornithologist, oologist, Indian Police 1883-1912, collector (syn. Thalasseus bergii velox).
● Sir Edward Newton (1832-1897) British assistant colonial secretary on Mauritius 1859-1877, naturalist, collector in Madagascar 1861-1862, and Seychelles 1866 (Tylas) (NB. edwardnewtoni is a misspelling of eponym enewtoni).
● Sir Edward John Lees Hallstrom (1886-1970) Australian businessman, aviculturalist, philanthropist (Björn Bergenholtz in litt.) (subsp. Zapornia tabuensis).
● These eponyms were confused and frequently misspelled or mistakenly corrected (e.g. Tylas edwardsi).