Dideric Cuckoo / Chrysococcyx caprius

Dideric Cuckoo / Chrysococcyx caprius

Dideric Cuckoo

SCI Name:  Chrysococcyx caprius
Protonym:  Cuculus caprius TablePlanchesEnlum. p.40
Taxonomy:  Cuculiformes / Cuculidae /
Taxonomy Code:  didcuc1
Type Locality:  Cape of Good Hope, ex Daubenton, PI. enlum., no. 657.
Publish Year:  1783
IUCN Status:  


(Cuculidae; African Emerald Cuckoo C. cupreus) Gr. χρυσος khrusos  gold; κοκκυξ kokkux, κοκκυγος kokkugos  cuckoo; "XXVIII. Fam. Cuculidae   ...   Chrysococcyx: Cuculus cupreus Lath. u. a." (Boie 1826); "Chrysococcyx Boie, Isis von Oken, 1826, Bd. 2, col. 977.  Type, by monotypy, Cuculus cupreus Latham = Cuculus cupreus Shaw." (Peters, 1940, IV, p. 29).
Synon. Adamatornis, Adetococcyx, Lamprococcyx, Lampromorpha, Metallococcyx.

L. cupreus  coppery  < cuprum  copper.
● "657. Coucou verd doré a blanc, BUFF. XII. p. 42. BRISS. Ornith. o. Cuculus caprius mihi LINN. Gen . . . . o" (Boddaert 1783); "Recent authors have not adopted Mathews finding that the names of C. caprius Boddaert and C. cupreus Latham are identical, the former having been printed caprius in error; but I must admit, after studying Boddaert's paper, that I am of Mathew's opinion, this paper abounding in misprints, and the adoption of this reading obviates possible confusion of two very distinct species." (A. Roberts 1922) (Chrysococcyx).