Flammulated Owl / Psiloscops flammeolus

Flammulated Owl / Psiloscops flammeolus

Flammulated Owl

SCI Name:  Psiloscops flammeolus
Protonym:  Scops (Megascops) flammeola Contrib.Orn.[Jardine] p.111
Taxonomy:  Strigiformes / Strigidae /
Taxonomy Code:  flaowl
Type Locality:  Mexico.
Publish Year:  1852
IUCN Status:  


(Strigidae; Ϯ Flammulated Owl P. flammeolus) Gr. ψιλος psilos  bare, smooth; genus Scops Brünnich, 1772, owl; "In my judgment, a large number of the subgenera now standing in the Check-List require to be restored or advanced to full generic rank, and some additional subgenera need to be recognized. I submit the following cases to the judgment of the committee:  ... Subgenus Psiloscops nob.  Type Scops flammeola Kaup." (Coues 1899). Although all other New World screech owls have been transferred to Megascops, the Flammulated Owl, considered closer to Otus, has been given its own genus.

flammeola / flammeolus
L. flammeolus flame-coloured, with flame-like markings, flammulated < flamma flame  < flagrare  to burn.