Gray-hooded Parakeet / Psilopsiagon aymara

Gray-hooded Parakeet / Psilopsiagon aymara

Gray-hooded Parakeet

SCI Name:  Psilopsiagon aymara
Protonym:  Arara aymara Voy.Am.merid. 2 p.376,note1
Taxonomy:  Psittaciformes / Psittacidae /
Taxonomy Code:  gyhpar1
Type Locality:  Quebrada de Palca, Tacna, Chile, error = Sicasica, south of La Paz, Bolivia.
Publish Year:  1839
IUCN Status:  


(Psittacidae; Ϯ Mountain Parakeet P. aurifrons) Gr. ψιλος psilos  naked; σιαγων siagōn, σιαγονος siagonos  jawbone; “Psilopsiagon gen. nov.  Type, Trichoglossus aurifrons Wagler.  Differs from Bolborhynchus Bonaparte in having the feathers of the cheeks short (normal), not covering sides of mandible; tail shorter than wing; bill relatively longer and narrower, the length of culmen nearly equal to that of tarsus, and much greater than width of mandible at base, the tip of maxilla (unguis) narrow, obtusely pointed, no gray on cheeks, throat, etc., nor brown on pileum, the latter green, the primaries blue.   (ψιλος, naked; σιαγων, jaw bone.)" (Ridgway 1912). Richmond (Card Index) notes, "Typ. error for Psilosiagon, but R.R. neglected to correct it later in the vol. He did not see the proof."
Var. PsilosiagonPsilopogon.
Synon. Amoropsittaca.

Aymará, the indigenous peoples of southern Peru, Bolivia, and northern Chile.